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9 Ways To Be An Ultimate Bundle Affiliate Will Help You Make Money Blogging (+ My Personal Tips)

There are very few affiliate programs that cater to different niches.  This is one of them and here's why it's so great. There are very few affiliate programs that cater to different niches. Amazon is definitely one, but when you branch out from there merchants can start to get really niche-specific. Elite Blog Academy might be perfect for my blog because it teaches you how to blog and make money from home, but it might not stick with the audience of a paddle boarding blogger.

Your success as an affiliate marketer depends on the products you promote. If they don’t solve your readers’ problems or help them achieve their goals and dreams, you’re probably wasting a lot of time. And losing face with your followers, on whom you depend for your success.

Regardless of your industry or affiliate marketing experience there is one affiliate program I want you to consider – Ultimate Bundle.

You may have heard of the Ultimate Bundle, especially if you are my subscriber. I have promoted several of their bundles in the past and my own products have been featured in several as well. There are many ways this program can benefit you as a blogger. I’m not just talking about monetary compensation, but also their knowledge and training. Let’s take a closer look.

1, You are promoting products you can trust

Ultimate Bundles hand-picks every product included in their sale. These eBooks, eCourses and printables are the “cream of the cream” of their industry. It’s not a bunch of poorly-written garbage thrown together by a bunch of nameless bloggers. These bloggers you already know and trust. You may even have purchased many of the products in your favorite bundle yourself or have them on your wishlist.

2. You are promoting great value to your readers

Many of these bundles include anywhere from 40 to 100+ products. Total retail value may exceed $5,000 if bonus is awarded You can feel good about bringing these bundles to your readers’ attention as they often save around 90% to 95% off the retail price. Most bundles cost between $27 and $97. This is quite a steal for products that your readers have probably already covered.

3. They believe in moral preaching

The organizers of the Ultimate Bundle will tell you from the get-go, “Don’t promote every bundle.” More than a dozen bundles may be sold each year, but they’re not the right fit for your audience. Instead of burning them to get a few sales on an irrelevant bundle, save your energy and your readers’ budget for the bundles that will count.

Ultimate Bundles allow you to get an advanced copy of the bundle at a discount. This will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the featured products and be able to better represent the value to your readers. Don’t want to purchase in advance? Sell ​​five bundles and get yourself a free copy.

4. They are also quite generous with commissions

I’ve been able to earn quite a bit with Ultimate Bundles over the past two years because of their great compensation plan:

  • Earn 40% commission as an affiliate
  • Earn 70% on personal sales as a contributor
  • Earn by promoting other affiliates (usually 5%, but 10% until the end of 2017)

There are also usually lots of affiliate giveaways and contests going on during each sale.

5. Awesome Affiliate Marketing Training

One of the biggest benefits you’ll probably get from being an Ultimate Bundle affiliate is the training they offer. This is good stuff! They offer:

  • Webinars to give you tips and promotion ideas
  • Sales planners and worksheets
  • Bundle Marketing 101 which is a 34-page guide that walks you through everything you need to know to promote effectively.
  • A second guide will help you increase clicks, sales and conversions
  • This is information that you can use to not only promote your favorite bundles but also other affiliate products

6. Short-term sales!

Short-term offers can be stressful and require some planning, but they’re also where the big money is. If you leave an open door to purchase, many people will never do so. They always have an excuse to put it off until next week. The Ultimate Bundle sale is usually a short 2-day or 5-day window in which your followers must purchase or be lost forever. The next time that bundle rolls around, the product will change. Buy now or keep your peace forever.

7. Stellar customer service and a money-back guarantee

One of the great things about being an affiliate is that you don’t have to deal with customer service issues. Can’t find their download link? UB staff is happy to take care of it. And, they offer a money back guarantee on purchases. This is a big selling point for buyers. If they are not happy, they can get their money back. However, I don’t think I ever saw a refund in my account.

8. Affiliate Support

In addition to the training materials mentioned above, Ultimate Bundle has a great Facebook group for affiliates. It definitely comes in handy if you have any last minute questions or problems. It’s also a great place to bounce promotion ideas off of your fellow collaborators.

And let’s not forget all the important things you need to promote something. From banners to email swipe files, UB offers it for every bundle. They also provide you with advanced tracking links which we will discuss further below.

9. There’s a bundle for everyone

If you don’t think there really is a bundle for your niche, let’s take a look at some past and future bundles:

  • Win your messy bundle
  • The ultimate start-up bundle
  • The Ultimate Photography Bundle
  • Gut Health Super Bundle
  • Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
  • The ultimate homemaking bundle
  • Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle
  • The ultimate work-at-home bundle
  • The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
  • Indie Travel Super Bundle
  • Parenting Super Bundle
  • The ultimate fitness bundle

Now that you know that your blog can be an ultimate bundle to suit, let’s talk about tips for making more money blogging.

My personal affiliate marketing tips

I’m not saying this to brag, but when a bundle goes around I want to promote I can usually be found on the leaderboard during the sale. And when calculating my revenue for that month of sales, Ultimate Bundles are usually my top earners. I now have featured products in three bundles, so I have even more incentive to maximize these sales. And I do.

Build your email list quickly

Every day you don’t get the email addresses of people who stop by your blog is a day you’re going to regret later.

Focus more time on emails than posts

You need that email list because you are going to make way, way more sales from a few emails than writing blog posts. hand Down and out, bundle sales aren’t evergreen content. Within five days, that post must be deleted or serve as a constant reminder to first-time visitors that they can’t buy it. Spend your time writing emails.

And you send one more email than you’re comfortable with. Do some people unsubscribe? May be. But if that person can’t stick it out for a few days to get back to your usual high-value content, it’s probably best to say goodbye. They weren’t looking for a relationship anyway, for better or for worse.

Front-load your promotional period

If you know a sale is coming up, and Ultimate Bundles gives you plenty of time, make sure you’re offering a ton of value to your email subscribers and readers both before and after the sale. Give them so much free advice and great information they can’t wait to see what’s next. This will ensure that you have more people willing to stick with you during the promotional period, even if it’s not something they’re interested in buying. It also gets the whole rule of reciprocity so they feel the need to repay you in some way.

Don’t beat around the bush

Anytime you promote something, you should provide a clear call-to-action. Don’t hem around, “I saw this and thought you might like it. But if you don’t, that’s okay too…” No. Say, “This product will help you solve. Here’s why you should buy it today.”

Create a bonus

If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, it can seem overwhelming. You can put it off for now, but I seriously want you to do it once you get your pillar affiliate products down – these are the products you love, will make you tons of money, and you’ll promote over and over again. It doesn’t need to be anything huge, but a little something extra can entice someone to buy through your link versus someone else’s.

This could be a short tip sheet or worksheet on the topic. Maybe you can create and use a personal spreadsheet or worksheet of your own. Remember, you can’t give away other people’s stuff. And, you shouldn’t invest more time in this product than it’s inevitably worth. If your commission is $13 per sale and you think you will get 5 sales, plan your bonus accordingly.

Here are some of my favorite reasons and ways to promote Ultimate Bundles as an affiliate. Are you excited to be ready for the next sale? Please register here.

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