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How to make money online with fiverr

By Linzo Johnson

Fiverr is an online marketplace for selling your skills as a service. You can sell any type of service that can be delivered digitally; Say graphic designing, creative writing, video animation, parenting tips, cooking recipes and even fortune telling. The price of any gig starts from 5 US dollars and hence the name Fiverr. You can offer services in multiple categories (music, video and animation, programming, writing, modeling, etc.) through a single Fiverr account. Service buyers order your services through Fiver and get paid after you fully deliver them (Fiveer will take a small percentage as commission). At Fiver, each service you provide is called a gig. In addition to the basic 5$ gig, you can offer advanced gigs priced above 5$. Many Fiverr service providers offer value added gigs for 10 USD for delivery within 24 hours. Fiverr has a global Alexa rank of 485, which means this website is among the top 500 most popular websites in terms of traffic.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Fiver Gigs?

You might be interested to know how much money you can make selling just 5$ gigs, right? At Fiverr, the whole game is in volume. Well, quality is important but you can’t spend a whole day providing a 5$ service. To earn good money from Fiverr you need to place a lot of orders. People (service buyers) use Fiverr to get services at low cost. Where on earth does one get a model to endorse their brand (holding a logo board or signboard) for just $5?

Check out the story of Red Horks, a fiver seller from Nevada. Redd earned almost 9,000$ in just 30 days with his Fiverr gig (a voiceover recording with a British or American accent). He initially used Fiverr as a service buyer to format his documents. But then Red was surfing the website to get an idea of ​​the services offered and he stumbled upon “Voice Over”. Red immediately landed a gig offering “voice overs with British and American accents” and earned $1000 in the summer of 2013. However, by the end of March 2014, he managed successfully Renovate his page With a video and outsources the “real work” to another contractor on Fiver.

Red set up his basic gig (5$ one) to record 125 words Red’s real money for the gig is in his value-added offers where he charges $10 for 1-day delivery, $50 for an additional 1250 words of recording, $20 for priority recording (where the order will be queued up and serviced with priority ) ) made no effort to promote his gig outside of Red Fiver. Currently, Fiverr has a large community of around one million users (active) and this user base is enough to get the required visibility and sales.

Let’s take a look at another Fiverr service provider GigBlast. Gigblast offers logo creation services for $10. He also offers premium gigs for 50$ and 205$. As of now, GigBlast has collected nearly 30,000 reviews and has 500+ orders in queue (at any given time). The total number of orders he has serviced to date will far exceed the number of reviews (since not everyone who buys will write a review). Let’s try to calculate the total amount of money made by GigBlast. We are taking only total review count for calculation (Actually number of orders can be 2x or 3x of review count)

30,000 x 10 $ = 300,000 $

Make money with Fiverr

Considering the fact that premium gig sales and actual orders far outnumber the review count, I estimate that GigBlast has already crossed a million USD in revenue from Fiverr.

Which fiver category has the most demand?

If you analyze the service providers on Fiverr, you will see a lot of top sellers and super sellers. What kind of gigs do they sell? How do they make so much money by selling on-demand services? Let’s identify which are the best-selling Fiverr services and what category they fall into It always makes sense to offer services that are in demand (from your skills) rather than going ahead with low demand gigs.

Graphic design

Graphic design is one of the hottest and high demand categories on 5R, with logo design and social media graphics design being in high demand. If you check Logo Design Department On Fiverr, you will find tons of gigs with 2K+ reviews. This indicates the high demand for graphic design services in Fiverr

Internet sales

Online marketing/SEO services is another category that many fiver buyers are interested in. blobs, a Spanish seller is a popular super seller in this category (offering backlink building services), and has earned over 32 thousand reviews. If we roughly estimate his earnings, it is more than 150,000 USD.

Successful Fiverr seller


Video and animation is another super hot category where gigs like 1-minute videos, 1-minute animations, product reviews, presentations, intro videos, video testimonials are in high demand.

As a case study, it has a look Twin Video Gig Offered by Theadtwins, a Fiverr top seller. They offer to film a commercial to promote your music, product, business, website or even your service starting from 5$. The commercial featuring the twins is truly eye-catching and has garnered over 3,200 positive reviews so far.

Fiverr Video Gigs

Content writing and translation

You can offer gigs in content writing (like technical writing, niche writing, etc.) as well as translation services (like English to German, French to English, etc.). Most 5$ content writing gigs start with a 500 word offer.

Amibit is a fiver top rated vendor offering gig content writing services. His gig offering 500 words of content for 5$ is one of Fiver’s best selling gigs. With over 17K reviews, he has earned nearly a million dollars+ from Fiverr.

Other top selling categories on Fiverr are music gigs, web development/programming, advertising, business plan writing, etc.

How to achieve high sales for your fiverr gig?

You won’t get orders just by starting a gig on Fiverr. So what are the key factors to becoming a fiver bestseller? Let’s take a look:

  • Start something new – As a beginner, it is better to stay away from logo design, SEO services and other similar services where the competition is really high. In many popular niches, you have to compete with sellers with great reputations (with very high positive reviews). Instead of providing a “just another” type of service gig, try offering something unique and new. Offering a unique gig helps you stand out from the competition.
  • Use catchy titles, descriptions and images – Headline is really important to get buyer’s attention. Make sure your title is catchy, your description is detailed, and your picture (profile picture/cover picture and other graphics) is attractive.
  • Pay multiple gigs – It’s a good idea to offer gigs in multiple categories so you can cater to a wider segment of customers. You can never predict which gig is going to perform well. Try offering multiple gigs and stick to your best-selling gigs.
  • Narrow down your niche – Narrowing your niche can get you more orders. This can improve your conversion ratio. For example, if you offer a translation service, offer the service in a specific language (ie: English to Spanish) rather than providing a general translation service.
  • Providing top quality service – Quality is really important. If you deliver high quality, you will receive more positive reviews which will ultimately generate more sales.
  • Optimizing your tags – Proper tagging increases the visibility of your gigs. You need to tag your gig with the right keywords so that buyers can easily search and reach your services.
  • Getting more reviews and positive feedback – Positive reviews and feedback can improve your overall visibility and reputation on Fiver. If you have more positive reviews, you will build trust and this can improve your sales.


Fiverr is a great marketplace with millions of buyers in its community You can earn decent money by providing high quality services to members of this community. You need to be patient, as it may take some time to get your gig in the audience and get reviews. You don’t have to be a professional in your niche to make money with Fiverr. Make sure you offer something interesting and useful.

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Linzo Joson is an experienced blogger and web developer. He writes articles to help people Earn money from their blog. With more than 10 years of experience in Blogging/WordPress Development, he has developed many premium WordPress themes and helped many clients build their Blogging/Online Business.

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