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Do you know what to look for in a company?

When it comes to picking Best Direct Selling Company Joining, it can be an easy decision or it can be difficult. For some people, they fall in love with a product and they join the company right away. For others, they may want to work in a certain industry, but don’t know which companies are going to meet their needs. If you are part of this second group, here are some ideas to help you choose the right company for you.

Consider your personal needs


One of the great things about direct selling is that you can start a business at a minimal cost. If you’re starting a brick and mortar business, you’re looking at thousands of dollars to get started. Not to mention the ongoing costs associated with it. But with direct selling, you can get started for a few hundred dollars. Typically, you will receive a kit with products that you can demonstrate and provide information and training to help you get started.

Chances are, the company you choose will have additional costs associated with it. This is something to ask the person you are signing up for. For example, how often do new catalogs come out and what do they cost to buy? Is it necessary to buy new products when new books come out? How much do things like order forms and other supplies cost? Should you pay for a website? Do they process credit cards for you?


One of the reasons many people turn to direct selling is the flexibility it allows for individual engagement. You can schedule your events when you want to work. It doesn’t always work that way. But if you manage your calendar properly, you will work when you want.


Many people who go into direct sales are stay-at-home moms who want to get out of the house and socialize with other adults. Some people are just looking for a reason to get out of the house, even though they may have a day job or other activities during the day.

What to Look for in a Direct Sales Company

Direct Selling vs. Pyramid Schemes

First, let me say that Direct selling and a pyramid are not the same thing. Direct selling is where you have a business and you make your money by selling products. Pyramid schemes are where you make money by signing others up to the company. So if you sign up for a company and you pay $100 dollars and $75 of that goes to the person you’re signing up with, that’s a pyramid. If you don’t know if they make money when you sign up, ask the person you’re talking to or do some research on your own.


Some are very passionate about the product they are involved in, so they want to educate other people about how great it is. It could be makeup and how great it makes you look, cooking supplies and how much more fun it is to cook, or any other product.

There are two trains of thought when choosing a product to sell. The first is that you should join a company that sells a product that you like and are passionate about. If you can’t find a product like this, you’ll want to look for a product that you think you can sell.


The most important thing is to figure out what commission rate you’re going to rate. Most companies have a base rate and commission may increase based on monthly sales or team size. For many people, this is one of the biggest factors in making a decision. Look at the commission rates for when you create a team, even if you don’t plan on doing it for a while or at all, because you never know when you might change your mind or someone might want to join you.

Each company offers a different rate of commission anywhere from 10% to 60%. There are some industries that have higher commission rates than others, such as jewelry and romance. You don’t just make money by selling, you make money when you start building a team. Many companies also offer a fundraising option. This is another way where you can earn money.

the quota

Most companies have little or no quotas so you don’t have to worry about making sales every month or partying every night to keep your business active. When you’re looking into a company, this is something you want to look for. Every company is different so make sure you ask before you sign.


Before you sign up with a company you want to ask about inventory. Some of them require that you carry inventory so that your customers receive the product at the event. This can be expensive and cumbersome. For some people, carrying inventory is not a problem. For others, it may be a reason not to join.

History of the institution

For some, a company’s history is an important factor. Companies that have been in business for many years may be seen as a better option than one that has only been in business for two years. Any company can go under, but those that have been in business longer usually have overcome some initial hurdles and are more stable.

With a little research, you can find a direct selling company that will be a good match for you. The research will let you know what you’re getting in terms of costs so you don’t get a surprise later.

Skills that can be helpful with direct sales

You may be considering direct sales but don’t know if you have the skills to succeed in this industry. This is a list I made based on some discussions with others in direct selling, but it is certainly not an all-inclusive list.

If you’re wondering if you should join a direct selling company, consider whether you have these useful traits:

believe in yourself – If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t succeed. You have to be able to tell yourself that you can do it, that you will succeed and that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you don’t know how to trust yourself, ask others for help or find some books to help you.

personable – Since this business is about being with people, you need to be friendly and approachable. If you’re selling cooking products, it may not be as important as someone working on romance and helping people with some very personal problems.

organized – Depending on how busy you are with your direct selling business, you need to make sure you are organized and that you keep your schedule under control. Without some organizational skills, you can easily lose track of what’s going on and cause yourself a lot of trouble in your personal life and in your business life.

priority – It is important to know what is important and what is not in your business. You need to know when new products are released and when others are no longer available, but knowing the exact details of the product is probably not important to you, as you can always look it up and get back to your customers.

be positive – Even if you have a bad day or a difficult customer, keep a smile on your face and don’t let it get to you. If you go to a party and are having a bad day and are unhappy with your customers, it will show and you are going to lose sales. Leave everything but that event when you show up. All you can stress about is after the event is over and you’re driving home.

goal – Set goals and then decide what you need to do to achieve them. If you don’t have goals, you’re going to have a hard time getting what you want out of your business. For example, if you want to make $1000 every month after expenses, you need to figure out how you are going to do that.

Self-starter – Due to the nature of the direct selling business, you need to be able to promote yourself. Often teams don’t come to you and you have to get out there and find them. If you can’t get yourself out there and book new events, your business won’t thrive.

Sharon has been working in the direct selling industry since the fall of 2006. During that time, he worked for three different companies. Since November 2008, he has been with Gold Canyon Candles where he is a manager. Sharon created Direct Sales Help, a blog to help people struggling in their direct sales careers.

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