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Earn money by participating in mock trials

Have you ever heard of being an online juror? The gig basically means sitting on a “mock jury” for practice cases. Lawyers use e-trials to help them decide how to approach a case, or even whether to take a case at all. You will often pay toward the judgment you submit, and that varies on the length of the case and the time commitment.

Mock trials can be really interesting. You will look up or read information about the case (or both) and then render the judgment you would make in that case. Lawyers use mock trial “feedback” to get a sense of how the case would “look” to a lay judge, how effective their arguments are, and what the likely outcome might be.

The work is interesting, the pay is decent, but the opportunities are sparse. Being an online juror is a great way to make some extra money from home, but it’s not something that will bring you a reliable income… especially if you live in a rural area. That said, it’s definitely worth looking into an opportunity! Here are seven sites that offer to pay you to be on a mock jury:

This is one of the lower paying online dating sites, but it is a great first stop as their website is ideal for beginners. It also has a “get to know” section for judges that explains the process and your role in it. There is a sample case for you to see if you are interested, and the website also says that the average judge takes about 35 minutes to complete the 6-page sample case. Payment is made through PayPal.

JuryTalk offers one-day legal focus groups and mock trials. When you sign up, you will have the opportunity to participate in one of these two. On their registration form, they ask some additional personal questions (such as religion and political affiliation) that can help them assemble a more targeted sample of judges.

The JuryTest website is attractive because it is geared toward attorneys who may use the service As a result, you will get a really good idea about the benefits of online judges, which explains why this type of work is really important for attorneys. JuryTest was developed by an attorney who teaches at Harvard Medical School, and the application is relatively simple.

The website OnlineVerdict.com provides some more information on how the process works. Cases are summarized and submitted by attorneys, and when a case is available in your county or federal district, you read the summary and answer an online questionnaire about the case. Payment is made by check once a month.

Resolution Research isn’t just for mock trials — their company offers all kinds of “research” opportunities (in other words, surveys). The pay isn’t that great and there’s a $10 minimum to cash out, but if you’re looking for something that comes with a lot of options, you might be interested.

6. Sign up directly

In addition to online jury opportunities, you may be able to find in-person mock trial opportunities. The pay is high enough to sit through mock trials, and the cases often directly affect people’s lives. Many times, attorneys hold a mock trial for their clients to see how a “real trial” might go, and to help the opposing side resolve their issues to avoid the long wait times and hefty costs associated with a real court trial.

Virtual Jury calls itself a legal focus group, like all other online jury sites. When a case is available in your area, you will receive a notification and you can choose whether or not to participate Payment is different for each case, and payment is sent by check within two weeks of the end of the focus group.

Other things you should know

Where you live matters when it comes to finding work as an online judge. A major eligibility point is where you live, as often you need to be a resident of the same city or town where the mock case is being held.

Be sure to read any fine print on this juror site closely. You may be disqualified if you are an attorney or closely related to one or for any other reason. Each trial can come with its own set of requirements and conditions, which makes it an interesting gig, but can make landing one a bit tricky.

More ideas for work-at-home legal jobs

If law fascinates you but you don’t want to practice it (or slog through law school), consider becoming a legal transcriptionist at home. There are three main types of transcription: general, legal and medical. Legal and medical transcription work usually requires additional training. (I recommend you check out the training offered by Transcribe Anywhere — they even have one Free mini course (to help you decide if transcription is a good choice for you.)

Look into transcription work at home to see if it appeals to you and when you have some experience under your belt, go for a position in the legal field!

And although there are fewer opportunities to become a court researcher than before, the field still exists and can be fun if you’re interested in legal matters. A court researcher helps pull legal documents, such as land deeds and marriage licenses, in his or her local area. Most of this can be done online but some counties still require a visit to the courthouse — wherever you come. Learn more about working from home as a court researcher.

More ways to work from home:

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