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Great app for those looking for the most flexible job

In this post: Today we are looking at the ShiftGig app. Many great opportunities await those looking for the most flexible job to work around their busy family schedule.

Have you heard of the ShiftGig app?  Great opportunities await those looking for the most flexible jobs to work around their busy schedules. Sometimes people come here for work from home advice on what they do really I want advice about work on their own terms. If this describes you — you don’t really mind working outside the home as long as your schedule is completely on your terms and with a lot of flexibility, you’re going to love what I’ve got for you today.

We’re talking about Shiftgig, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

What is Shiftgig?

Shiftgig is an Internet-based startup that connects available workers with available “shifts” at local events, venues, and even companies.

If you work some kind of shift — or just don’t mind working a shift to pick up some extra cash — you can log into Shiftgig and see what’s available. Restaurants, bars, sporting events, concerts, and other shifts are often sought after by employers

How Shiftgig works

Shiftgig has two audience segments: Clients (businesses posting gigs) and Experts (people picking gigs). This post is about making money with Shiftgig as an expert.

Shiftgig primarily works through an app. In the app, you will find new and available gigs and you can choose any and all. You have a contact in the company who handles your communication with the client and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Once you complete your gig, you will be paid! Pay is processed every Friday for work you did during the previous Saturday-Sunday work week, meaning you get paid fairly quickly. Payments are usually made by direct deposit.

The other thing that happens after you finish a gig is your rating. Each client ranks each expert after the gig ends, which helps Shiftgig fit the right experts with the right gigs in the future. Businesses want reliable, capable workers, so it’s important to focus on doing a good job every time if you want to continue working with Shiftgig.

Why people like to work for shiftgig

People love working for Shiftgig because it’s a proven way to work on your own schedule, whenever you want or need to. Filling a gap between jobs, working part-time, a flexible second job, or bringing in some extra cash as a stay-at-home parent… these are all reasons why people go with Shiftgig.

Instead of being tied to a weekly schedule that forces you to work when you don’t have the time or need the money that week, you can choose when to work with Shiftgig. If you have family obligations, an exam, or a medical procedure coming up (for example), or if you want to spend time with family instead of work every weekend, you can simply choose not to take the gig.

Shiftgig mainly focuses on job opportunities in food service, hospitality, retail, logistics, warehousing and experiential marketing. This means it’s great for all kinds of people, no matter what your background.

There are several success stories on the Shiftgig website and blog, and many of these people have backgrounds like:

  • Veterans
  • Former athlete
  • parents
  • college student
  • Freelancers (especially to fill gaps when a new business is taking off)
  • Baby Boomers
  • Bartender
  • Chefs, cooks and caterers
  • The teachers
  • model
  • the authors
  • the accountant
  • the musician
  • Real estate broker

If any of these remotely describe you, and you’re interested in earning some extra money in your spare time that interests or entertains you, you might be perfect for a shiftgig!

Getting started with Shiftgig

If you’re ready to start looking for work with Shiftgig, first visit the website and fill out an application Application for joining. You need a resume to upload. Next, there’s a personal interview to introduce you to the company and qualify you for the types of gigs you’ll have access to.

Once you’re accepted into the ranks, you’ll be able to start using the Shiftgig smartphone app, which makes it really easy to find work when and where you want, snag gigs, and even track your time. of work. The more jobs you do, the more gigs you can access. The company offers free (unpaid) training to help you qualify for more gigs.

When a gig appears in the app, it will have all the specifics: time, location, type of work, salary and even uniform requirements. You can pick it up or add it to the waiting list if someone snaps it up before you do. You can leave your gig within 48 hours without penalty, which is great when something unexpected comes up.

After that, it’s just a matter of choosing your gig, showing up, doing a good job and getting paid!

Have you ever used the Shiftgig app? Tell us about your experience!

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