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Earn up to $25/hour making inbound sales calls from home (no landline required!).

This post is sponsored by NexRep.

I’ve got a great work-at-home opportunity for you today, straight from NexRep! If you’re a natural salesperson – or if you’re just motivated and energetic – don’t miss out on considering this opportunity. I’ve got all the details for you below, from the pay rates – you can earn between $20-$25 per hour at each step of the application process. I also got testimonials from current agents. Read on for the breakdown.

TLDR version: Our sponsor, NexRep, informed me that they have a large number of remote call center positions available. There is no cold calling involved in this position – people who call to speak with you have seen an ad for the product and are calling to make a purchase. Your job is to help them make purchasing decisions, and the amount you sell directly affects your payout.

No landline is needed as calls are routed through your computer You can set your own schedule. With this agent position, you will have great earning potential with average $13-$20 per hour and max $25 per hour. What you earn is directly related to how much you hustle.

Click here and enter your name and email address to start the application process.

Position: NexRep Inbound Sales Representative

NexRep is looking for inbound sales representatives who are enthusiastic and focused on delivering the best customer service to their clients’ customers, generating sales and meeting goals. One of the best parts of this sales position is that it doesn’t involve any cold sales calls – people who call to talk to you are already primed before you even take their call.

Your customers are primed through direct mail and newspaper ads for various products. They initiate calls to NexRep’s clients and reach out to you – they already know the value of the product and are usually calling to make a purchase. As you take their orders, you will up-sell them using their interest and commitment or interest them in third-party offers as appropriate. The better salesperson you are, the more money you can expect to make.

To give you an idea of ​​what type of product you’re ordering, NexRep mentions “nutritional supplements and other similar products.”

As with other positions at NexRep, you will be an independent contractor and not an employee. This means that you can set your own hours, work from your own home office and develop your customer service and sales business as you like. NexRep emphasizes that they provide you with the tools to grow your business and connect you with clients to maximize your earning potential. You will be responsible for managing your own taxes. (I recommend Quickbooks Self-Employed to track your income and expenses and estimate your tax liability.)

Are you looking for a great paying gig that offers a lot of flexibility?  Find out how you can earn up to $25 per hour making inbound sales calls!  #workathome #customerservice #jobsRequirements for NexRep independent contractors

To qualify as an independent contractor with NexRep, you must reside within the United States and have the legal right to work here. You must also have a quiet home office where you can work, have a cell phone (or landline) for basic certification although once hired calls are received through your computer so no landline is needed for this job, and you must be able to have a Pass the background check. This is a national criminal background check – they will refer you to the company that will perform this background check for you and they have negotiated a price of $25.00.

Beyond these logistical requirements, you also need personal requirements that match the position you are applying for with NexRep. As a salesperson, you should be friendly and able to build rapport with callers. You must be goal-oriented, self-driven and committed to selling. You should be persuaded. They suggest you get motivated by making money!

Equipment-wise, you can work with NexRep using a Windows-based personal computer or a MAC – wired high-speed Internet access (minimum 250 kbps). Make sure your computer can read Microsoft Word and Excel files, including PDFs. Your computer should have at least 1GB of RAM and run Windows Vista (or better) or MAC OS X Lion (version 10.7) or better. Make sure you have a printer at home and you will need one USB noise-canceling wired headset for the call

NexRep’s application process

To apply, go to This is the dedicated landing page. The form on the right will invite you to enter your name and email address – once you do this, you will have the opportunity to create a password for your NexRep application profile. Once you get past that screen, you’ll be in the application process. Fill out each section covering your personal information, preferences, experience and more. Be thorough here! This is your only chance to present information to NexRep for consideration – they will not contact you for a resume.

If your application shows that you have what NexRep is looking for, you will be invited to set up an appointment for a phone evaluation. During this step, a NexRep sourcing specialist will discuss your suitability for the inbound sales position and decide if your voice quality matches their standards. If they like what they hear — and you like what they’re saying about the opportunity — you’ll be offered a contract and given instructions on signing up for their next certification class. (This is the point where you have to pay for that background check. They’ll tell you how.)

After that, they’ll set you up on the NexRep system, email you all the information you need, and set up your account You’ll sign up for a short class to complete the certification and learn about the brands and products you’ll be selling. They will show you how to use the NexRep system. Then start working – and your first call!

What schedule can you expect?

As an independent contractor, you’re free to set your own schedule – whatever works best for you and your life. However, there are certain schedules that are more likely to maximize the amount of money you can make from inbound sales through NexRep. For this location, the hours with the highest call volume are Monday through Friday 9AM to 6PM EST.

What is the rate of pay?

The pay for this inside sales position with NexRep varies widely and is all directly proportional to how many sales you make – they pay in commission and reward high value sales. (I’m a huge fan of production-based pay.) They say the average agent makes about $13 an hour, but their most productive agents are making upwards of $20 an hour. They even suggest an upper end of around $25 for hourly earnings! Basically, the better salesperson you are, the more you can expect.

What are NexRep agents saying about this opportunity?

Thanks to many current NexRep agents sharing their thoughts, I have the following brief review to share with you.

“NexRep allows me to be present and available when my kids get home from school and for all their activities. The flexibility is unmatched by most. They offer excellent communication and competitive pay with the convenience of not leaving my home,” says the stay-at-home mom. Teresa Ward.

Karen Datz Also appreciates the flexibility of the schedule and how it keeps her in touch with the important things in her life – like her dog! “I have been an agent for NexRep for four years as an independent contractor. I love it here!! I make my own hours – I walk my dogs during my breaks – I am able to live a carefree life that is so important to me! Every morning I sit down at NexRep for a new day eager to help people from all over.”

Tonya Laurie It comes down to the important details: “As an independent contractor at NexRep for more than five years, I’m able to spend more time with my husband, kids, grandmother, and my oldest child, Nellie Bear. I love the flexibility of being able to control my schedule and work from the comfort of my home office! No more driving in the snow or wearing my car, no more shopping for work clothes and I can eat healthy at home; Saving thousands a year. On a DRTV sales campaign, I’m easily able to invoice $20.00+ per hour on average.”

Glassdoor’s positive reviews match many of the points shared by the NexRep agents above – flexible schedules, work-from-home convenience, supportive team members and management, and good money-making opportunities. The main disadvantages of Glassdoor reviewers seem to be related to their training – it’s not paid – and the fact that when there are no calls, you’re not making any money. In the case of many independent contractor positions, they are apparently paid by call and sales volume, not by the hour.

Does this NexRep Inbound Sales position sound like the work at home opportunity for you? then Apply now!

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