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Easy opportunity to earn extra money in retirement at home

Maybe your stipend doesn't stretch far enough.  Maybe you just a little More and more readers here at The Work at Home Wife are seniors. While most aren’t looking for full-time work at home jobs in retirement, many are looking to pad their monthly income. Maybe your monthly stipend isn’t stretching far enough. Maybe you want a little extra “fun money” for shopping or travel.

Whatever the reason, you have many opportunities to earn money in retirement.


If you’re looking for some easy money, you can’t get much easier than Swagbucks. Earn SB, or Swagbucks, for activities like watching videos, completing surveys, or shopping online You can then redeem your SB gift card or cold, hard cash via PayPal. This is a no-commitment opportunity and they have a smartphone app available so you can earn on the go. Or on your couch. Please register here.

Search engine evaluation

If you are comfortable with technology, search engine evaluation can be a great temporary online gig for you. In this role, you evaluate Google’s search results for quality and relevance The pay is pretty decent, usually around $12 an hour. Sites like Leapforce and Lionbridge regularly hire for these roles.

Mystery shopping or merchandising

If you don’t mind leaving home, consider mystery shopping or merchandising. As a mystery shopper, you will be paid to provide feedback about your shopping experience at a local retailer. The pay isn’t great, but if it’s a store you frequent anyway why not?

You may be familiar with merchandising. You probably see representatives at your local grocery store or super center handing out samples from time to time. These jobs usually pay well even though they require you to be on your feet for long hours.

Selling handmade items

If you enjoy making handmade items, why not get paid for your hobby? Etsy can still go for selling handmade products like ornaments, scarves and even handwritten calligraphy. If you’re not comfortable with online skills like search engine optimization or social media marketing, some great Courses on Udemy Which can help you set up a successful store in no time.

Survey provided

There are some great paid surveys out there. There are also many scams. You never have to pay to complete a survey or sign up with survey companies. Surveys don’t pay well, so that would defeat the purpose.

You are by no means going to get rich or pay the bills by completing the survey. Accept it for what it is and only register with sites you know are legitimate I recommend the following:

Online juror opportunities

These opportunities are few and far between, but sitting in on a mock trial as an online juror can be a lot of fun. And you get paid. Mock jurors are selected based on demographics and location. If you live in a rural area, you may not find many available.

Rent a room on Airbnb

We’ve talked to some really successful Airbnb hosts in the past. One woman told us she was able to make over $30,000 on one of her rentals over the summer. It’s amazing!

You can choose to make just one room available for guests or for your entire home if you’re going to be away anyway. Airbnb will help you navigate the process and you’ll have the opportunity to interview potential guests.

Get paid to write

There are many ways you can get paid to write from home in your spare time. Self-publish that novel you’ve always wanted to write. Write articles for travel magazines. Start a blog of your own.

It’s easy to start freelance writing even as a beginner. You just need to have good grammar, spelling and research skills.

Online tutoring

There are plenty of tutoring opportunities for remote workers. Don’t worry if you’re not a retired teacher.

Most English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring websites require no teaching credentials or prior experience. You just need to be able to communicate well and have the patience to communicate with people who are still learning conversational English.

Pay to stay on vacation

Maybe you don’t want to work at home. Maybe you don’t want to stay at home. Can you afford to travel to a far country?

Cool Works has one Old and bold Category that lists some really fun holiday job opportunities. Host an RV camp in California. Spent the summer as a sous chef at a fishing lodge in Alaska. Live and work in a Buddhist community.

The possibilities are endless. Your salary usually includes room and board. The experience is bound to be invaluable.

Business consultant

Encore has a cooler Fellowship Program Where you can apply the skills you learn during your career for social good. These are short-term assignments consisting of either part-time hours for one year or full-time hours for six months. Stipends are typically $20,000 to $25,000 per assignment.

Opportunities are limited at this time, but the program is expanding.


Match your new small business with your skills and preferences. You can “sit” on children, pets or houses.

Sell ​​photos

Photography is growing in popularity as equipment becomes less expensive and consumers look for more affordable options for everything from senior portraits to website images. If you have the skills, you have many great options, from selling photos online to photographing events and real estate.

Clothing alterations and repairs

If you know your way around a sewing machine, you can make some money by altering and repairing clothing. You won’t get rich, but it’s a great way to keep your skills sharp while doing something you enjoy. And maybe it’s time we young people did a little more sock darning instead of considering everything disposable.

Clear the clutter

During your working years, have you been “collecting” items in your basement, garage or spare bedroom? Now is a great time to get rid of these things. And earn some cash while you’re at it.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of a garage sale, consider listing items on eBay, Facebook buy-sell groups, or drop off those boxes at a local consignment store that pays cash up front.

Host a dinner party

I love this idea for many reasons. Maybe you live alone and are tired of eating alone. Maybe you’re just used to cooking for a large family and are tired of your leftovers going to waste. Or, maybe you just love to host a hopping party. Whatever the reason, you can make money feeding people.

There are many reasons people on the other side of the table are looking to be dinner guests. Maybe they are a little lonely too. Perhaps they are traveling and looking for some truly local dining experiences. Maybe they don’t like to cook but like to be with friends. Like the site eat with Don’t judge they just match the hosts with hungry faces.

Don’t forget your cashback

Even on a budget you have to do some shopping. Cashback opportunities like Ebates and Ibotta shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ebates will give you up to 20% cash back on your online purchases. You also earn $5 (plus bonus) for every friend you refer to the program. The company automatically issues you a check every quarter.

Ibotta is a nifty little smartphone app that lets you earn cash back on your groceries. I know you have shopped for them! All you have to do is scan your selected rebate and receipt when you get home from the store and your rebate will be in your account within hours. You also get $5 for each friend and teamwork bonus. Cash out your earnings at PayPal or redeem for a gift card at your favorite merchant.

As you can see, you have plenty of opportunities to make money in retirement. This is not an all-inclusive list. Do some brainstorming considering your skills and interests. There are perfect options out there.

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