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How Tailwind Tribe Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

I have long been a fan of dividing tribes. I have been around for years and they have contributed a lot to my success as a blogger. I’m still a member of several great groups that come together to help promote each other’s content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and beyond. I’m always on the hunt for more great niche-specific tribes. That’s how I came across Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind has been around for several years and is one of the Some schedules are approved by Pinterest. It’s a robust app that allows not only direct scheduling, but also reporting, content suggestions, timing optimization, and more.

Tailwind recently launched a new feature called Tribes that has taken the blog world by storm. As group boards decline in effectiveness, high-quality tribes are taking their place. Sharing high-quality content from your industry has never been easier

How to start using Tailwind Tribe

You need an invitation first. Tribe is currently in alpha testing and not yet open to the public. An existing member must invite you to a tribe they manage. (You can play with Here is a sample tribe I set up Then when you are comfortable start your own. Please do not expect anyone in my tribe to repin your content and please do not feel obligated to do so. (This is for testing purposes only.)

Make sure you read the rules. I love that Tailwind included this category from the get-go knowing that the tribes that share the most success are the ones with borders. Learn them. live them love them

Once your account is setup and you’re a member of a tribe, I recommend first hitting the Pin Inspector under the Optimize Content tab. Here you can sort your pins by Repins for a specific period Find your most popular pins and hit the Add to Tribe button on the right Most tribe members don’t expect everyone to pin everything. Adding your best content can help make the cut.

Add the Tailwind tribe

Start your own tribe. Sharing groups should always be carefully constructed. You want pinners in your niche who are creating great content that you’re happy to share. You also want reliable people who won’t have to babysit you.

Some other great Tailwind features that can help boost your blog

When pins are added to Tailwind, you can see not only how many Repins they got on Pinterest but also how many shares the post got on Facebook. That can be a great way Source viral content to increase your page reach.

Check the Complete Your Profile tab For Tailwind advice on how to better your brand. You’ll find everything you need here, from boards to integrating Google Analytics without too many pins (which can be deleted) to board details.

Tailwind full profile

The fastest way to increase your traffic from Pinterest is to make sure your posts are sent to Pinterest multiple times. You should send your posts multiple times to all social media channels, but that’s a topic for another day. But speaking specifically about Pinterest, I recommend two things:

  • Download a list of your top 20 or 30 most popular posts from Google Analytics (make sure you’re looking at a period of at least 3 to 12 months). Schedule these to several relevant boards through Tailwind. These can be yours and associate boards. Now before hitting schedule, press interval. Make sure these are spread over at least a day.

Tailwind heart

  • Whenever you publish new content, do the same thing. If you frequently pin to a specific group of boards, you can use Tailwind’s board list to simplify this process.

When you’re done scheduling a pin with the Tailwind browser extension, you’ll be given some suggestions for more cool things to pin from others. This content already has a lot of Repins so use this to your advantage to showcase yourself as a high-quality pinner

Tailwind advice

Tailwind is a great tool for bloggers who want to increase their traffic and conversions Get a free 30-day trial – no credit card required – here

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