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How to make money on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve can be a lot of fun, no matter how you choose to celebrate. You can be big with fancy plans, or you can be small and stay in the evening (including about 50% of all Americans).

In fact, most people spend less than $200 on their New Year’s Eve plans. According to WalletHub. But did you know that you actually can? to do Money on New Year’s Eve?

If you’re one of the 20% who don’t ring in the New Year in any special way, you’ve got a great opportunity to earn some serious cash. But everything on this list doesn’t have to make you abandon your plans—you can pick up some extra cash And There is plenty of time to celebrate as you wish.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Cater, cook, and/or deliver

Many people like to throw a nice dinner party on the last evening of the year. If you have cooking skills, you can advertise your services as a caterer or in-home chef. You can find a temporary job working with an established caterer to help in the kitchen or work as a server. Some restaurants may also be looking for temporary workers to handle the NYE influx, if you want to work for an establishment.

Another thing you can do to make some easy money on New Year’s Eve is delivery take-out. Many people enjoy having and will order for New Years. There are apps like Seamless and GrubHub that will pay you to order someone’s takeout, but setting up an account there can be a little slow. That shouldn’t stop you, though!

If you know a local place that gets a lot of takeout orders and has an email list or social media presence, contact a manager or owner at a popular takeout place in your city and offer to be a delivery driver for one night. . They can advertise their delivery specials, and you can charge a delivery fee on top of each order — or you and the restaurant can work out the terms you want.

2. Become a bartender

New Year’s Eve is generally considered the drunkest night of the year, mostly because the concentration of people toasting and partying on this one night is higher than your typical evening. This means that any place with a bar will be extremely busy and they are looking for extra hands.

If you know a lot of mixed drinks, or you’re willing to study drink recipes, you can make a lot of money with tips as a New Year’s Eve bartender. The best way to land such a position is to visit the organization in person and speak with the hiring decision maker.

3. Edit

Whether you are a singer, musician or an entertainer, you can find all kinds of opportunities to perform on New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s a huge event (like a festival or a block party) or a small gathering of friends and family, New Year’s Eve parties can be a gold mine for you.

Magic tricks, dancing, or singing and playing your guitar – whatever your performance skills are, people will want it!

4. Be a sitter

Whether you’re taking care of someone’s home, kids, or pets, you can pick up some extra cash as a sitter. Many people like to ring in the new year to “live it up” and that can mean many hours away. Fill in the gaps by walking the dog and taking care of the kids. And because it’s considered a holiday, you may be able to charge a higher rate than you normally would

Here is another interesting idea. If you’re in a city that has some big events going on — the kind of events that require people to wait in line for a long time — walk up and offer to be a “line sitter,” which is standing in line. When they go to eat something and go to the restroom. Alternatively, you could offer to be a delivery person for these people, pick up their takeout orders and add a few extra dollars for the delivery fee.

5. Cleaning (before and/or after)

With all the parties and events going on, people want to clean their homes. If you want to go it alone, you can advertise your house-cleaning services online or around your area, if you want to go it alone, or make a few phone calls to housekeeping companies (like Molly Maids) to see if they hire temporary workers for overflow. .

Those hosting their own parties will be interested in cleaning their homes before and after, making this an attractive opportunity to pair with an in-house chef or caterer to prepare, cook and serve the home for the party. Food, and then put things in order later.

6. Drive

Whether it’s through Uber or another driver-on-call app, driving on New Year’s Eve is a great way to make some money while also benefiting society by keeping drunk people off the roads. (See Not interested in driving but curious about what it’s like? This blogger’s review of experience.)

7. Rent your place

If you’re going out of town for the holiday weekend, you might consider offering your own home for rent to visiting people, Airbnb-style.

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