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20+ Side Hustle Jobs That Pay Weekly and Pay Well (Kid-Friendly)

Inside: Working from home has a lot of benefits. Despite the obvious work While wearing comfortable pants, finding compatible work isn’t always easy. Post-paid weekly positions provide a reliable income. Make sure your internet connection is strong and read for a consistent payment opportunity.

Working from home doesn’t always translate compatible Work Although a regular check is often a priority, it is often not a reality.

When working on opportunities that rarely come your way, you may not have time to wait for another source of income to generate consistent cash. You may not even have the luxury of having money in the bank while you wait for a company to pay you monthly.

For many people looking to work from home, getting regular paychecks rolling in ASAP is a priority.  These are home jobs that pay weekly.

For that reason, we’re focusing on work-from-home jobs, full-time or part-time, that pay weekly. These side hustles will keep you cash regularly. And the home work opportunities listed below offer a decent wage for those of you interested in earning more than $10 a day online.

Call Center Jobs

Work at home customer service jobs Very diverse. A company can hire agents at home to take incoming sales or tech support calls. Another company might want someone to set up appointments or talk to people about politics.

What is consistent is that a call center representative needs a fairly new computer with high speed internet service and a landline

And, obviously, a call center representative needs great people skills. Added bonus: These jobs can also offer a flexible schedule.

Available call center jobs

While call center work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, if you’re looking for immediate and consistent income, you should strongly consider remote customer service or virtual assistant jobs.

This industry has more legitimate online jobs than any other, and many offer paid training and a regular schedule.

  • A good call Offers high-level business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing positions and pays a base rate plus commission. Customer service experience required.
  • blue zebra Appoints the setter. Salary starts at $15 to $25 per hour with regular increases based on performance.
  • Brighten the communication Focuses on appointment setting and lead generation. Salary starts at $12 an hour plus bonuses; A minimum commitment of 20 hours per week is required.
  • Infosys Recruit volunteers for non-profits. This work at home requires a minimum commitment of 28 hours per week.
  • The next wave Recruits writers and makes outside political calls. Pay is over $10 an hour.
  • Onpoint@home Very similar to NextWave in that you make political calls or write letters based on those calls to representatives on behalf of the caller. Pay is hourly and project-based, with a minimum weekly commitment of 24 hours.
  • Westat Employs telephone data collectors. Starting pay is around $8.25 an hour.

Online tutoring jobs

Don’t dismiss an online tutoring job because you don’t have teaching credentials. The best incentive for this type of work is that many companies, especially in the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry, do not require any certificates or teaching experience.

Many times, an online tutor will video chat with someone in a foreign country, helping them learn conversational English.

Online English teaching opportunities are available for anyone from college students or teachers to experienced teachers. The most common requirement is that you be a native speaker of English.

Online tutoring jobs available

  • Cambly pays $0.17 per minute, which equates to $10.20 per hour, for teaching English as a second language. No experience required.
  • Cheg A typical teacher salary is $20 per hour, according to Glassdoor. You can work whenever you want.
  • Excellent discussion Applicants who have a teaching certificate are preferred. Pay is $10 an hour, paid weekly, with a $20 minimum.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Let’s be honest, Google doesn’t always get it right. That’s where search engine evaluators and ad raters come in.

With a search engine evaluator job, you look at search results and decide if they are the best option My readers love this type of work, but it can be project-based with limited and inconsistent hours. Get it while you can.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs Available

  • Leapforce employees rate search engine ads for relevance and quality. Schedules are flexible, and wages are typically $13 to $15 an hour.

Try this website test job!

Transcription Jobs

Transcription basically turns an audio file into text. Typing-from-home projects are often some of the best jobs that offer consistent pay for contractors or employees. Simple transcription may require few tools and some hard skills.

An online transcription job requires a keen ear and high typing speed.

Transcription work available

While working in high-paying transcription jobs, such as a Medical transcriptionistWhile experience is generally required, the sites listed below offer decent pay and a place to start as a transcriptionist so you can hone your skills.

  • Babbletype Market research copy job offers. Pay an average of around $10 per hour for these remote jobs.
  • Rev.com There are various functions of transcription. Pay $0.40 to $0.65 per audio minute, and no experience is required.
  • TranscribeMe offers earnings starting at $15 per audio hour, with better rates available for transcriptionists with specialized backgrounds. No experience required.

Website Testing Jobs

Website testing jobs are another favorite way in my community to earn some sweet cash while working from home. When testing websites, you use an on-screen recorder and a microphone to record your thoughts as you explore the sites and answer questions.

A usability tester aims to help business owners and bloggers make their websites more engaging and user-friendly.

Website tester job is not consistent, so this online job should be considered as a side gig for extra income. However, it can pay off quite well, considering that most tests only take 20 minutes to complete.

Available website testing jobs

These jobs that pay weekly are some of the best stay at home jobs for beginners Try them out! You’ll probably find one that you really enjoy.

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