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Meet your income goals without housing

Don't have time for traditional second job ideas?  These jobs will allow you to earn money from home in your spare time. Do you need some extra cash? Maybe you’re saving up for something, or you need more to help with bills. Either way, you can’t face getting a second conventional job—a part-time, night and weekend gig outside the home that drains your time and energy. This is not good for you or your family! Instead, you need something you can do at home, on your schedule and with the time commitment of your decision. You, my friend, need a second job that works entirely at home.

But what can you do? I hear you say that working from home is legit, it’s hard enough to find work with much less flexibility! Well, I’m here to tell you that it can be done, and to help you see how!

First things first: What are your skills? There is a work-at-home job for every skill level, from no experience required to specialized jobs with specific requirements. To find them, you need to identify what you can do – then brainstorm (while using my site!) to find opportunities that will work for you.

Are you great at listening and typing?

Let’s say that your two best skills are that you are a great listener and a great typist. You are able to listen carefully and quickly understand when another person is speaking – you always have the answer when a friend misses a line in a movie or doesn’t understand a song lyric. You’ll also shine on the keyboard and write at least 60 WPM (here A typing test (If you don’t know your WPM or have a good feel for accuracy.)

You should try your hand at transcription or captioning! Keep an eye out for transcription job listings on my site, or you can visit Rev.com – Rev can offer you an entry-level dip into the world of transcription and you can find out if it’s a viable opportunity for you.

Are you a good writer, and happy to write about anything?

If you have some solid writing skills and know how to turn in a clever phrase or two, you should consider freelance writing! All you need is a good command of grammar and spelling and the self-discipline to get the writing done. You must have reasonable internet research skills. Combine that with the ability to consistently make word count on a schedule you and your client decide on, and freelance writing could be the perfect second job for you.

There are so many websites out there that need content, and so many ways to find jobs writing articles, blogs, presentations – even social media updates! A great way to find these writing opportunities is to check out the sites Problogger .

Do you like to analyze data and search the Internet?

If one of your fun ideas is doing a weird Google search and seeing what the results spit out – well, I love your moxie! There’s some crazy stuff on the internet, and you’ll probably discover it on a regular basis. Now, do you have a mind that excels at data analysis? Are you up-to-date on pop culture and the latest media trends? Then you should absolutely consider becoming a search engine evaluator!

Search engine evaluators do exactly what you’d think – they perform specific searches, then analyze the results – rating the relevance of websites to those results, comparing results across different search strings, and then providing feedback on what they learn. Check out my recent article on becoming a search engine evaluator with Leapforce.

Do you love to try something and give it your opinion?

If you enjoy trying new things – like testing a new website feature, or visiting new websites regularly – why wouldn’t this work for you? If you don’t mind speaking your thoughts out loud for a recording (audio only, not video), you should consider User testing.

User testing will pay you $10 per task just to play with a website or an app and give them your thoughts on it. It’s really that simple – you might not make a large, consistent amount from it, but it’s a great choice when you don’t have a lot of time to invest and you’re probably looking to make some cash doing something like this anyway.

Do you enjoy doing odd jobs – maybe organizational, maybe administrative?

Do you have great organizational skills? A bit of a jack of all trades with office tasks – don’t mind making phone calls, booking trips, keeping track of schedules, or doing odd jobs like customer service, light graphic design or letter drafting? If yes, you can try becoming a virtual assistant in your evenings and weekends!

Basically, this means joining such a website time etc. You tell them what skills you have and they match you with clients. That’s it. You can set your own available hours, then work with your clients within that time frame. This is something that can turn into a career if you ever decide to quit your day job!

Getting creative with second job ideas that you can work from home is also a great way to find more fulfillment in life and use all of your skills! You know, those creative skills you can’t necessarily use otherwise. If you’re good at drawing or creating in Photoshop, try your hand at being a freelance artist – you could do book covers or t-shirt art! If you’ve got a great voice, use it – you can narrate commercials or audio books or act in audio dramas! The only limit to your skills working for you is your imagination.

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