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Spring cleaning your home business can help you become more efficient

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Now that the cold, dark days of winter are finally over and the flowers are starting to peek out of the ground, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. If you own your own business, your spring cleaning duties don’t end with a clean closet and a new set for the living room. Spring cleaning is just as important to your business as it is to your home, and maybe even more so.

After all, cleaning out your closet and making room in your garage probably won’t put much money in your pocket. On the other hand, spring cleaning your business can increase the efficiency of your operations and ultimately allow your business to be more profitable. If you haven’t already done so, you should start planning your spring cleaning business adventure without delay. Here are some tips to get you started

Organize the office

Especially when working outdoors, you need to make the most of every square foot. This means organizing your office for maximum efficiency and making sure everything stays in its place.

Organizing your business is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, all it takes is a little critical thinking and a few simple supplies. Something as simple as a set of stacking letter trays can declutter your desktop and help you find that important memo quickly and easily.

You can improve the organizational efficiency of your office by rearranging the items on your desk. Think about the things you use every day in your business, from telephones to computers to calendars. Then make sure all items are within easy reach. You might not think a few seconds here and a few seconds there would make much of a difference, but over the course of days and weeks it all adds up.

Keep sensitive documents in their place

Regardless of the nature of your business, you may be dealing with a lot of personal and sensitive information. Whether it’s a database filled with client names and addresses or a file of credit card information, you need to take steps to protect the information your customers give you.

Even if you don’t regularly deal with personal information and protected health data, it’s a good idea to discard documents with your name and address before discarding them. The easiest way to accomplish that goal is to set up a shredding bin in your home office.

we use Fellow 79Ci Shredder which is a heavy-duty cross-cut shredder that can handle up to 16 pages at a time. It has a patented 100% jam-proof system and can run continuously for up to 20 minutes. It is energy efficient and has SafeSense technology making it kid friendly The 79Ci retails for $239.99 and is available here the amazon and Office Superstore.

Pay less tax at tax time

No one likes to think about taxes, but spring is also IRS season. By spring, you’ll undoubtedly be collecting receipts and writing checks to the tax collector.

You can make future tax seasons less stressful by filing your old tax returns and making room for all your new records. Depending on the nature of your business and your accountant’s recommendations, you should keep 3 to 7 years of tax returns and supporting documents. After that time limit has passed, you can probably dispose of the old records without worry.

Spring cleaning can be a boon to your business in several ways. From making your home office more organized and efficient to freeing up space for important papers, there are countless benefits to giving your office a good spring cleaning makeover.

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