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Gold and Silver Investing: Everything You Need to Know


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Capital markets are showing signs of recovery Inflation Cooling down, none have returned to pre-pandemic levels. Also, recent Bank failure A new concern has arisen in the minds of Americans.

In times of financial uncertainty, investors have long turned to precious metals as safe havens.

“Investing in precious metals provides a hedge against inflation and diversification because they are uncorrelated with other asset classes,” said portfolio manager Josh Dudick.

But what should you know before investing in gold or silver? Understanding the ins and outs of gold and silver investing is important to get the maximum return on your investment. Get started by requesting a free information kit here to learn more about this unique investment opportunity.

Gold and Silver Investing: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s what you should know about investing in these two precious metals.

Investment in gold

Stock markets plunged as the pandemic began, but gold prices saw the opposite effect. The price per ounce rose from around $1,550 in January 2020 to $2,036 in July 2020. Prices have fluctuated but remain higher, currently sitting at around $1,950 an ounce.

When should you invest in gold?

Gold prices generally rise when events create financial uncertainty.

“Because many professional investors trade gold, it often rises more significantly during periods of expected inflation but not necessarily during periods of deflation,” Dudik explains.

it is Best if you can buy gold When prices are relatively low – before they rise due to widespread concern about a specific event, such as a bank failure or record-breaking inflation.

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How can you invest in gold?

You can buy physical assets, businesses Future And options in the commodity market, or buy a share Gold ETFs, IRA or mutual funds. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you choose to buy physical assets (such as bars, coins, jewelry), you need to transport, store, and secure them. Gold ETFs, on the other hand, don’t require physical management of assets, but often come with small management fees and require some familiarity with buying and selling ETFs.

How much should you invest in gold?

Buying gold is often cited as a way to diversify your portfolio, but How much should you invest??

“The percentage of holdings depends on the investor’s risk tolerance and investment goals,” says Barry Weinstein, founder and CEO of VolatilityMarkets. “Nevertheless, as a general benchmark, investors can hold 5% to 10% of their total portfolio in gold and silver.”

When should you avoid investing in gold?

This is not always an ideal time to buy gold.

“Investors should be careful not to ‘buy high’ regardless of how gold has been trending recently based on economic expectations,” said Dudik. He adds, “The primary disadvantage of investing in gold is that it does not provide any interest or income. As interest rates rise, gold becomes less attractive to investors because the opportunity cost of investing their money in interest-bearing accounts or bonds becomes more significant.”

Silver investment

Silver price follows gold price. However, it is an industrial metal so it is more vulnerable to recession. It is much less valuable per ounce.

Silver prices rose from $21.18 per ounce in January 2020 to $33.33 per ounce in August 2020. It has also been higher since then and currently sits at around $23.23 per ounce.

When do you invest in silver?

Like gold, the price of silver tends to rise during times of inflation and financial uncertainty. Consequently, it is better to invest when prices are relatively low and you expect them to rise.

You can also ask Invest in silver rather than gold If you are on a tight budget or looking for a high return opportunity in a short period of time. Silver prices have historically been more volatile.

Anton A. is an appraiser and senior editor at auction platform EBTH, Inc. “If looking for pure upside potential, silver can be a smart buy,” says Bogdanovan. However, the risk of loss is higher if there is a high upside potential

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How can you invest in silver?

Just like investing in gold, there are multiple ways to invest in silver. You can purchase physical coins or bullion, invest in silver futures, invest in ETFs that own silver or silver miners, or buy stocks in silver mining companies.

How much should you invest in silver?

The general rule of thumb is to invest no more than 5% to 10% of your portfolio in precious metals, including gold and silver.

When should you avoid investing in silver?

It is best to avoid investing in silver when prices are relatively high and expected to fall. Review historical performance and keep your finger on the pulse of the market to gauge when you can buy low.

“Silver tends to perform well during periods of economic uncertainty, but is also heavily influenced by industrial demand. Therefore, it may not be the best investment during periods of economic stability when industrial demand for silver may be low,” added Adrian Lawrence, CFO at Portfolio FD Capital Recruitment. .

Although gold tends to be less volatile and more liquid than silver, both can have a place in a well-diversified portfolio. In either case, prices are relatively high right now, so if you’re considering a move into precious metals, you may want to hold off until prices drop or seek the advice of a financial advisor.

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