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Why you should create pillar posts for your blog

Great explanation of what pillar content is and why you need it on your blog

Pillar Content Blog posts are the bricks and mortar that support your blog or business. Posts that define your brand. They are so valuable that they bring readers back to your site again and again. You may also hear it called evergreen content for this reason.

You probably already have pillar posts on your blog or website. These are your most popular posts for frequent views or engagement.

These posts are the foundation of your blog. They are the posts your visitors come to visit most often and therefore they are the posts that define what your blog is all about.

It is really important that your column content accurately reflects your niche for this reason. When a new visitor first lands on your site to consume one of your valuable pillar posts, they’re more likely to enjoy the rest of your content, click around, and subscribe to your mailing list as a result.

So why should you build it?

Pillar content drives continuous traffic to your blog or business

When you create new content for your blog or business website, you should always try to make it pillar-worthy. This means packing each post with a lot of value for your reader.

There are two things to consider when choosing what to write about.

  • Stay on-brand for your niche
  • Answer the questions your ideal audience wants answered

As I said, each post should reflect your overall blog or business goals, be on-brand. So if you’re a virtual assistant looking to market yourself to busy entrepreneurs, blogs, or business owners, you need to write for them, not for other virtual assistants. It can be a really easy snag to fall into.

Remember for every post idea: you’re writing to help and attract your ideal reader or customer, not necessarily another blogger in your following (although that might be!).

For Knead to Dough, this means that I write for other baking bloggers and cake business owners because they are my ideal readers. They are who I design my content for and who I try to solve for with content marketing and social media strategy, which leads me to the second part of choosing the right blog post.

In order for the post to attract readers and make them want to share with their friends, it must be as helpful as possible to them.

You can achieve this in several ways. The easiest way is to ask in relevant Facebook groups where your ideal readers hang out. Get involved in these groups by answering questions from others. Then post yourself asking what they struggle with the most. Design your next blog posts to answer these questions and address these issues and you’ll have some very happy readers You can also use the search function in these groups to see which topics come up frequently

Another valuable way to get into the mindset of your ideal reader is to create their personal profile. If you know the rough age, gender, lifestyle, employment status, hobbies, struggles, typical day of your ideal readers, you can write with all this in mind and create posts to address that. You should go into as much depth as possible – you might even give them a name if it helps you visualize your ideal reader.

For example, if you know that your ideal reader is a busy mom who works from home while looking after her kids and therefore struggles to find time to market her business through social media, you can write all about different scheduling tools that Social media can make him run on auto-pilot. Victory! Just remember, cover the subject in detail. I’m talking 800-1000 words+. Your readers will love you for it!

Pillar posts attract the right kind of readers

You are creating pillar content that perfectly represents you and your blog or business and what you have to offer. You’re drawing in your ideal readers, turning them into repeat visitors and customers because when they arrive at your blog they’re not just one but multiple posts that speak directly to their needs. Your blog becomes their refuge for information and support.

This means that while you are busy with life and your blog or business, your traffic can take care of itself.

Not only will your traffic grow as you become known for your valuable content, it will grow with the right kind of readers.

Rather than one-stop readers who leave your site after one post, your readers move from post to post, wanting your opt-in freebies and subscribing to your list. They open your email because they trust you. They know you can be counted on to provide them with valuable help on a regular basis.

This puts you at the front of their mind and makes you the likely first choice when they want to hire someone in your niche or pay for a product similar to what you offer.


By creating pillar content, you consistently attract the right readers who will subscribe to your list, share your content, and buy your products or services.

Who knew a blog post could achieve so much? Pillar content can really revolutionize your marketing strategy and make you stand out as an individual or business in your niche.

What is the content of your column posted? What do you do before writing your next post?

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