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There is no better time to search for jobs online

It's a great season to look for jobs online and transition to remote work - or even pick up a side gig you can do from home! November is here, and we’re counting down to the holidays – an exciting time of year for sure, but one where time is even more precious than usual. Why stick with a traditional job with a commute – even worse during these busy months – that will take away time for your life and family? It’s a great season to look for jobs online and transition to remote work – or even pick up a side gig you can do from home! And it’s not just because more employers are hiring for the holiday season.

Balance your life

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a good work-life balance, and adopting the life of a remote worker is a great way to do that. Whether you’re a parent with young children at home or someone with a disability that limits your work options, working from home is a great opportunity to balance your needs with income needs. Depending on your flexible work schedule, you can work on the fly – you can manage social media from a coffee shop while you wait for your kids to finish music or sports practice, or you can even do freelance writing in a doctor’s waiting room. office. Flexible working means fitting work to best fit your needs, not structuring your life around work.

Opportunities to consider:

  • Social media management – Either find your own client or connect through virtual assistant platforms eg time etc; Read my post on how to do it on your own!
  • Customer service – To maximize your schedule flexibility, pursue customer service jobs like Alorica@Home
  • Freelance writing – This is the ultimate location for flexible scheduling – all you have to do is meet your deadlines! See “Freelance Writing Jobs for Kids”.
  • Crowdsourced tasks – Put your skills to work on various small tasks when and where you have time! I found a list of sites including Mechanical Turk, Fancy Hands and Tongal here.
  • tutor – There are many tutoring sites for adults and children abroad right now that can accommodate early morning or late night schedules – and it can be as casual as a short video chat! You can read about 12 such opportunities on my site.

Give to others

Another great motivation to look for new work this season is to give back to others – either by changing your career to provide for the less fortunate or taking on a side gig that does the same. You might consider becoming a remote worker for a non-profit or charity – they may need virtual assistants, website designers, copywriters, PR professionals or any number of other support staff. The key is to look around your community (whether local or online) and identify these opportunities. If you’re able, you can even offer your services freely – but only for a limited time, and use the experience to enhance your resume for the career you want.

Opportunities to consider:

  • Virtual assistant – Contact nonprofits directly to see if they need help, or keep an eye out for similar clients through VA companies like Worldwide 101, Fancy Hands, etc. Need more help? See “Virtual Assistant Jobs: Top Places to Find Legit VA Work from Home.”
  • Website design – Build your own website design business, offering your services through it FiverOr check job listings on boards like FlexJobs.
  • two girls – This is another task you can try contacting nonprofits directly – or finding a virtual assistant job.
  • Research Assistant – If you enjoy researching, consider doing it for others through a company like Wonder.

Earnings for vacation

The holiday season is the perfect time to earn extra cash – there are many companies that are hiring more work-from-home customer service agents right now, and perhaps a similar increase in calls for online moderators or social media managers. If you are an artisan, this would be a great opportunity to sell your wares on handmade sites. Etsy or Artfire. If you enjoy thrifting or antiquing, search for holiday-themed items or items that make great gifts then flip them for a profit. Ebay. And don’t forget, you can even earn a little cash using your own holiday shopping – sites like Swagbucks and Ebates are really useful this time of year! (Don’t forget to take advantage of the cashback opportunity on your credit card too.)

Opportunities to consider:

  • Customer service – If you spend a lot of time at home in a quiet environment, consider a more rigorous customer service job.
  • Online Moderator – Help various websites and brands to work with companies on their social media interactions like holidays ModSquad or ICUC.
  • Handmade items – Put your crafty side to work sewing, knitting, beading and more with “Legit At-Home Crafts and Assembly Jobs.”
  • Pay-paid-to site – Use sites like Swagbucks and Ebates, or take surveys and more.
  • Task apps – Use apps like on your phone Gigwalk, Field AgentAnd taskrabbit To score some extra cash while going about your normal daily routine.

Distracted from the holidays

While this winter holiday season can be a wonderful time for many people, it can also be a lonely or sad time for others. If you need a distraction this holiday season, a new online job is perfect for that! You’ll be so focused on training and learning the ropes that the season will go by faster – and you’ll make money to boot. Also, if you’re feeling isolated at this time, consider a position that gets you out of the house—but not the office! Find jobs you can do for others around town, walk the dog, help with deliveries or even drive people around.

Opportunities to consider:

  • Dog walker or pet – Help busy people on vacation or on extended trips out of town by walking dogs or taking care of their pets! With a way to do it the rover.
  • Uber or Lyft driver – With so many people traveling this season, many gigs will be available through apps like Uber or Lyft.
  • Delivery gigs – You can give flowers flowers todayGet food delivered through DoorDash or UberEATS, or even have packages delivered Amazon Flex.
  • Blogging – Take this time as the perfect opportunity to write in your non-holiday-related niche and build your blog!

If you’re interested in finding more ways to make money for the holidays, check out my post “40 Ways to Make Money for Christmas”.

Remember, everyone: ‘Tis the season to try new things, be grateful and take a step outside of tradition – won’t you join me?

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