Several networks have opened up in the past few years, offering you the opportunity to receive free samples by mail. Manufacturers have a two-fold advantage in introducing their products to the world in this way. In many cases, you may be asked to provide feedback on products shipped to you at no charge. Some are just crossing their fingers that you’ll love it so much that you’ll not only keep buying it, but you’ll share your newfound joy with your family and friends.

Word-of-mouth marketing is inexpensive and highly effective. After all, when we need a new product or service, we ask our friends for referrals. We tell our friends when we stumble upon something amazing, and we trust our social community’s opinions on magazine and television ads.

If you’re a social butterfly, there are companies out there who want to get their new products in your hands. Here are some great free sample sites to get involved with and become a product tester

(PS These sites are completely free and you don’t have to fill out never-ending surveys or completely free offers to access products. If a company wants to give you personal information beyond name and address, it could be a scam!)

Looking to try it before you buy it?  Here are some great ways to get free samples by mail.Need feedback

BzzAgent Since about 2001. You can choose which campaigns you want to participate in You’ll often get a sample (often full size) and high-value coupons you can give to family and friends. You then need to provide feedback about the product to BzzAgent and let them know how many people you shared your experience with. There are approximately 1,000,000 BzzAgents in the US, Brazil, UK and Canada.

Influenster Billing themselves as “a community of invited trendsetters”. This network is more interested in what you’re doing online than off. If you are well connected through social media, blogging, or vlogging (video blogging), this could be your place to score free swag. Completing surveys, writing reviews and being active in the community will earn you “badges” that give you access to discounted and free products for your online reviews.

pinch me Releases new free samples once per month. You can select up to five based on your personal profile. You must act fast! They are released at noon EST at the beginning of the month and don’t last long.

Smiley360 There are over 900,000 members who are able to try products for free. Users fill out a profile by answering questions about their interests, and they can then receive free full-size products and samples. In return, you must complete “missions” that you can complete by sharing on social media or answering a few questions.

Free sample by mail (no survey)

Free Staff Times There are various options to get free Kindle books, beauty, food, magazines, health products and more. They have a sidebar with the latest offers and their website is divided into categories, making it easy for you to navigate and find the offer you are looking for. There are samples of beauty, food, health, household, pet and other items that ship for free. You can join their mailing list, again for free, and their site is updated every 24 hours, meaning all offers should be valid.

Women are free, As the name suggests, there are gifts that are mostly targeted towards women. Some of the products include beauty, hair, health, fragrance and household freebies. They also have gifts that are related to pets, books and other items. A company that has been around since 2008 and offers free samples and gift cards on their website. They have something for everyone as some of their free samples include bowhunting gear giveaways and free cosmetic samples. A newsletter that will send you a free email full of free sample offers. Newsletters will include offers for free content, free samples, coupons and deals.

Freeflies A proven reputable site and has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, The Doctors, Fox News and other news outlets. It sends you an email alert to let customers know about free sample offers as they become available The site allows you to search through a toolbar to find an offer that fits your needs.

Weird Freddy’s May not be popular but it’s a great source for samples in odd categories like games, gags, bathroom, phones, teacher supplies and more. They even have a large selection of children’s merchandise including toys, books, t-shirts, coloring books and more.

Completely free stuff As valid as they come; They have been around since 1998 and have stood the test of time. You can score some great freebies with makeup brushes or bags, perfume or free food samples.

sample source Allows you to “try before you buy” and will send sample products to members. They email new offers when they think you might be interested in them. Free sample offers include makeup, beauty care, household cleaning, food and snacks. You can request as many free samples as you want and you can score free cosmetics, health, food or miscellaneous samples. Companies distribute samples on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to receive your requested samples Sending free emails with free samples since 2002. It is constantly updated and provides links to free samples in a variety of categories, including health, beauty, baby items and home goods. Giving their customers free access to a list of samples, coupons are deals that are currently being updated. The site has links to free samples for sale of household products, children’s items and free fragrances

Walmart They have their own Beauty Box full of Walmart product beauty samples and tips. You can sign up for a year-long subscription that comes with four boxes for a flat shipping fee of $5 each.

While these programs are free and often a great way to get access to newly released products, it will only last as long as you’re proactive and follow up on your end of the bargain. If you grab and run the products (ie, forget to complete the product feedback survey when requested), you will stop receiving the offers. There is a give and take in this industry and by signing up for these programs, you are agreeing to give your opinion and help spread the word.

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