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What to look for in a sit-stand desk

Are you still working with a sit-stand desk?  If you spend some time sitting at your computer every day, it's time to think about getting one.  Here's what to look for.The following post is sponsored by FlexiSpot and I was provided with a workstation for review. All opinions are my own.

Are you still working with a sit-stand desk? If you spend some time sitting at your computer every day, it’s time to think about getting one.

A sit-stand desk is a desk that varies in height. You can adjust it to a comfortable height when you are sitting and then change it to a better height when you stand. Good ones make it easy to alternate between sitting and standing.

Sit-stand desks were incredibly expensive, especially mechanical ones. They’re still not exactly cheap, but now that their popularity is growing, the market has expanded. This means you can find a sit-stand desk that meets your needs no matter what.

Advantages of sit-stand desks

Although all research on sit-stand desks is in its infancy, many signs indicate that mixing some standing with your sitting is good for your health. Regardless, we know for sure that sitting all day is bad for your health, so while the research doesn’t necessarily exist to back it up yet, it makes practical sense that having — and using — a sit-stand desk would be better. For your health.

The dangers of sitting all day are great informative. Prolonged sitting has been described as “the new smoking,” and research indicates that prolonged sitting is linked to health concerns ranging from obesity to cancer. Studies show that sitting for 4 hours or more in a given day leads to a significantly higher risk of heart disease, and things like getting more exercise to compensate for all that sitting won’t make a big difference.

What makes a difference, instead, is breaking up that sitting time and sitting less overall. And that’s exactly what a sit-stand desk lets you do!

Another plus has not been researched, but it is anecdotal. People who use a sit-stand desk report that they have more energy throughout the day, are more focused, are moving around more than sitting, and are getting more done.

Features of sit-stand desks

Generally speaking, there are two types of sit-stand desks. One type is cranked with a lever or some kind of handle and the other is moved up and down by a motorized element at the touch of a button. But sit-stand desks, like most office furniture, come with many options. Regardless of the type of desk you choose to get, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, find out what your ideal height is for both sitting and standing. You need a desk that can go as low as you need and as high as you need. You need to make sure that you can “close” the desk to the standing and sitting height you want, rather than being limited to just one low height and just one high height, neither of which may work for you. my FlexiSpot Sit-Stand Workstation Has twelve adjustable heights and is available in two sizes. The 28″ desk is perfect for those up to 6’1″. 31″ works for those up to 6’3″.

Second, know how big a footprint you need for your desk. You want the desk you buy to fit in the space you’ve got. I personally prefer a large workstation that fits not only my computer, but also my calendar, notebook and phone, especially if it’s moving, so keep both your minimum and maximum dimensions in mind.


Third, think about the mechanism that sit-stand desks use. Motorized ones are convenient because they work at the push of a button, but that means there’s more that can go wrong with them. They need to be close to an outlet, which doesn’t work in some office spaces. They are also quite loud among many models, so if you have a work environment that needs to be completely silent, they may not be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, sit-stand desks with levers or cranks usually have an extra part (the handle) attached, which can be inconvenient if not well designed.

An intermediate technology – less expensive than an electric desk but slightly easier to operate than a crank desk – is the pneumatic sit-stand desk, which is manually operated with a built-in feature (so you don’t need a plug) that uses air pressure to move the desk up and down. . FlexiSpot desktop workstations feature a gas spring system with a lever on each side of the desk that fits snugly under the desktop. Nothing is getting stuck. And the transition is easy and smooth.


Also take into account desk and desktop styles. Some are straight, some are L-shaped, and some have cutouts where you want to promote better ergonomics. If you have a small office, make sure you choose one with a small footprint that goes straight up and down as opposed to folding.

Don’t go all-in with the standings

Some people find that trading their regular desk for a standing desk (one that only allows you to stand) will burn extra calories. While it’s true that standing burns more than sitting, the amount is negligible and the benefits of standing-only desks have not been established. Some doctors even have He said standing for a long time Prolonged sitting can be just as harmful. Don’t let anyone try to suck you into creating an uncomfortable work environment to burn a few extra calories!

Is it worth it?

Many see sit-stand desks as an investment in their health. Increased activity and less sitting can at least lead to more productive workdays and at best a longer, healthier life. You may not be able to reduce your work time, but with a sit-stand desk you can reduce your overall sitting time. You may feel more energy and focus thanks to the increased circulation you’ll get from standing, and who knows what new inspiration you’ll find at your new height!

I personally found mine FlexiSpot Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Keeps me a little more mobile and allows me to relieve back pain from sitting for long periods of time. And that is well worth the investment.

PS There will be a 48-hour 10% off flash sale on all FlexiSpot Sit-Stand Desks for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday only. If you pick one, please come back and let me know how you like it.

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