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When should you buy pet insurance?

Arguably, the best time to buy a pet insurance policy is when your dog or cat is a puppy or kitten.

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When it comes to financial products and services, the timing around the purchase is just as important as what is actually being purchased. This time can affect the quality of service, how much (or how little) you are paid, the associated costs, and more. If an insurance policy, for example, is applied for at the wrong time, the applicant may also risk outright rejection.

With this in mind, it’s usually better to buy services like insurance sooner rather than later This is true for life insurance, Travel insurance And if Pet insurance For cats and dogs. But when exactly is “soon” and is there a better time to buy pet insurance than others? when should Are you buying pet insurance, right?

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When should you buy pet insurance?

Although pet insurance works differently than health insurance for people, for example, the timing around buying a plan is quite common. Here are three times you should seriously consider buying pet insurance.

When your pet is young

Arguably, the best time to buy a pet insurance policy is when your dog or cat is a puppy or kitten. You will never pay less for more coverage than you would if your animal were young and healthy. As your pet ages, its health problems will increase, making it risky to insure them. That risk will be reflected to the owner in the form of higher premiums to be paid every month.

But if you act now, when your pet is as young as ever, you can put yourself in the running for lower-cost coverage. If you wait until your pet is older, you will likely have stronger protection than you would otherwise.

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When your pet is predisposed to certain medical conditions

Another reason to buy pet insurance early besides cost? coverage. Or, to put it another way: If you wait, you risk coverage limitations or exclusions. Because pet insurance providers don’t work exactly like health insurance providers for humans. They can and will reject your pet for coverage if they are suffering Pre-existing medical conditions.

“A pre-existing condition is something that happens before you enroll or during the waiting period.” Brought to you by the dodo Explains “Unlike other providers, we do not cover pre-existing conditions.”

Spot pet insurance also does not cover such medical problems.

“A pre-existing condition is any injury or illness that occurs or shows symptoms before coverage begins or during the waiting period,” they explain. their website. “A condition is considered pre-existing whether or not it has been formally diagnosed or treated; what matters is when it occurs or when symptoms first appear.”

With that being said, it’s easy to know what medical conditions your pet may encounter as they age. Your vet can also give you advice if needed. Accordingly, you should act now, before these problems arise, and before pet insurance coverage is jeopardized.

When money is tight

Spending money on extras can seem counterintuitive when your budget is limited. But pet insurance can actually help you save money in the long run. By signing up with a provider, you can rest assured that your pet’s medical care is guaranteed — and that you’ll have the financial support to get through any illness or emergency. Without pet insurance, every trip to the vet is a stressful one. You don’t know what the final cost will be and if you can afford it – putting you and your pet in a position to choose between care and cost.

Fortunately, pet insurance helps eliminate that question so you can just focus on helping your furry friend. Even if you only purchase a baseline accident-policy (one of the cheaper insurance types) it will be good without any protection.

Bottom line

Pet insurance benefits owners at many stages of their animal’s life. But it’s arguably most valuable early on. So when should you buy pet insurance? It’s usually best to buy your pet when it’s young and before it has any foreseeable medical conditions. It is also favorable to purchase when money is tight and affordability of care is a concern.

Get started by getting a free quote online now to see how much it will cost.

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