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Work from home that pays more than minimum wage

Do you want to work from home but need more than just commuting?  These work-at-home jobs pay more than minimum wageHave you been scraping by at a minimum wage job – whether self-employed or working at home? Ain’t nobody got time for that! In today’s economy, you need to pursue positions that value your time appropriately and give you the best platform from which to live well and plan for the future. I want each of you to find a place that allows you to build a career for a fair wage – and I know the best way to get you started.

First, let’s talk about the minimum wage

Do you know what the minimum wage is in your state? In case you didn’t know, it actually varies across the United States! There is a federal minimum wage that every state must meet – since 2009, that minimum has been $7.25. Let’s face it: It’s not enough to keep up. Although every state requires workers to pay a minimum hourly wage of $7.25 an hour (with some exceptions, such as for wait staff), many states have chosen to pay more. The top rate is actually $12.50 courtesy of the District of Columbia. Every job I share with you today pays that rate or better!

What jobs typically pay more than minimum wage?

Jobs that pay more than minimum wage often require experience—whether it’s a few years in customer service or better than seven years in a particular industry. Some of the more basic jobs of transcription or moderation, for example, often pay barely better than the federal minimum wage. Whenever possible, focus on jobs that are supported by your current work experience – or pick one job and stick with it, building your credentials so you can move into better paying positions in time. Better yet, establish yourself as a freelancer who can set their own rates and always, always pay yourself better than minimum wage.

Read on for my recommendations for jobs that pay better than minimum wage.


3 Play media A video transcription company that also provides captions, subtitles and audio description. They specialize in making their clients’ content more engaging and accessible. They are looking for English and Spanish freelance transcription editors and you can earn $10-$30 per hour depending on the project. The requirements are pretty basic and include typing a minimum of 75 WPM

Online teaching

gogokid – has pretty decent money for teaching English online. gogokid is a site that always welcomes new tutors with a bachelor’s degree. Pay ranges from $14 to $22 per hour. Early morning hours are required, but my community members love the flexibility – and the extra cash!

Customer service position

Apple at Home Advisor – As a home customer service agent with Apple, you can expect the perks that come with working for Apple – from paid time off to discounts on their products. They also pay between $14 – $15 to their representatives who handle customer concerns through incoming calls and chats.

Brighten the communication Connect you with their clients so you can successfully run your own phone-based B2B business, working with companies in finance, brokerage, technology and more. The best part is that their hourly pay rate is up to $18, and you still get to set your own hours, Monday through Thursday, 8 AM EST – 5 PM PST.

flowers today Recruits remote independent sales representatives. This does not require a landline as you will be talking via VOIP. These are inbound calls. Average income for representatives is $15 to $24 per website.

Virtual assistant

Worldwide 101 Looking for experienced Executive Assistant to join their team. Anyone they hire must have at least seven years of corporate experience, and their pay is in line with these expectations – once you connect with a client you can earn $18 – $20 an hour doing a variety of virtual assistant jobs.

Jirtual Also looking for assistants – or mentors – to join their team and work as part of a virtual workforce for various entrepreneurs and startups across America. Their consultants must have a college degree and some experience and are paid between $12 and $13 depending on the client.

in the morning Likewise looking for professionals looking for a better work-life balance to join their team of virtual assistants or accountants. Their VA positions seem to revolve around true administrative work, from maintaining an agenda to managing email to planning events. You don’t need a college degree to work with them, although it is preferred. Pay ranges from $15 to $18 per hour.

Social media moderation

social element – Formerly eModeration, The Social Element regularly hires moderators from around the world (including help desk representatives and more). They often look for bilingual moderators in particular and they seem to pay between $14 – $17 depending on the location. As a moderator at The Social Element, you monitor and support client brands online, user-generated content and post client-generated feedback – overall encouraging positive social interactions between brands and consumers.

Search Engine Evaluator

Appen, who will soon acquire Leapforce, is a heavy hitter when it comes to web search evaluators or social media evaluators. Basically, in this position, you complete a set of assigned tasks to test the effectiveness of search results within a specific framework (such as a social media site). You must work with them at least part time and they pay between $12 – $13 per hour.

Lionbridge Hiring periodically for various analyst and evaluator positions – for example, they are currently hiring map analysts to work from home in the US. At other times, they may hire search engine evaluators to conduct routine checks of search engine results for accuracy and relevance. It looks like their appraiser jobs pay around $13 – $14 an hour.

Miscellaneous Jobs

Freelance writer – As a freelance writer, you can expect to earn upwards of $12.50 per hour, whether you’re ghostwriting blogs, providing social media content, or writing articles under your own byline. The important thing is to establish your writing credentials with publications and continue searching for work, which is easier than ever thanks to the many excellent writing job boards.

Web Developer – If you know how to code websites and have an eye for design, you’re on your way to another freelance position that can make you more than minimum wage. The Internet is a growing world hungry for new content and new ways of looking at the world – and web developers bring the Internet together in usable ways. Keep an eye on your favorite job boards (like FlexJobs) for web developer jobs.

Coder – Learning computer languages ​​is a great investment in your future, especially since you can turn it into a thriving business that you run from home and make bank. From building apps to implementing website features, the need for coders is as vast as the internet itself. Check out the on-call job listings for software or app developers.

It’s time to take back your time and use it only for remote employers who understand your value and invest in you as a valuable team member. You are not just another cog in some machine. Use my guide to score a job that pays better than minimum wage and build a better future with it!

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