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Work from home: No landline required

“Landline needed.”

If you’re looking to work from home, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a listing that requires a landline. You might be thinking Landlines are even available or, better yet, What is a landline?!

only 31% of American homes Still have a landline. Of course, there are reasons why someone might still have a landline without a job. This could be a problem with cellular service or personal preferences Now that we’re fully immersed in the latest and greatest mobile technology, it’s hard to imagine a life where you depended on a phone attached to the wall.

So when it comes to working remotely, seeing “landline required” in job listings can be a real drag. It just feels so unnecessary.

The great news is that there are plenty of work-at-home jobs that agree – or at least you don’t need to have an old-fashioned phone and landline. Many of these locations only have their own VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems so you only need a high-speed Internet connection to get your work done. Others may not even require you to be on the phone (like chat-based jobs or freelance writing or data analysis). From data entry jobs to graphic design to bookkeeping to a transcriptionist, there are many remote jobs that don’t require a fixed line.

To start your job search for a “no landline needed” work-from-home position, I’ve compiled a list of 10 companies that fit the bill. These are all great opportunities, so read on:

Yardi Matrix provides real estate data, meaning they extensively mine commercial real estate data while verifying and analyzing data for their clients. Part of this process involves periodic door-to-door rental surveyors who call apartment complexes to collect information about their rental properties. This is a great gig for someone who needs to use their computer or mobile phone to make calls and doesn’t have a quiet home office. Recent reports suggest hiring surveyors at $6 an hour and a variable rate per call (although they guarantee that every surveyor must be paid their state’s minimum wage). This job only lasts a few weeks and they look for surveyors about 3 times a year.

Parameds is a company firmly situated in the medical industry: they specialize in underwriting, claims data retrieval and risk management. With work-from-home agents and a highly secure site, they help insurance companies cut through the complexity of securing essential medical information such as Attending Physician Statements (APS). As a remote agent with Parameds, you are allowed to use your mobile phone (or Internet-based phone, such as Skype or Google Voice) to call physicians’ offices and secure these items. According to reports, they pay their agents per case.

NexRep is another major customer service provider company for big-name clients ranging from Tidal to GrubHub to Priceline — and their agents can provide technical support, sales, or other customer support. As one of their work-at-home agents, you can expect to provide customer service via inbound and outbound calls as well as email. All calls made by NexRep are made through your computer, so all you need is high-speed Internet access Salary and schedule vary depending on your location.

Enterprise Holdings – the parent company of Enterprise, Alamo and national car rental companies – regularly hires remote agents to serve as their sales and customer service representatives. These positions are loosely location-based, so when checking available job listings you must find listings for a position within your state. Enterprise starts its representation at $12.85 an hour, offering bonuses for individual and team performance. These are full-time positions and schedules revolve around CST hours. Their technical requirements are quite specific, but they mostly focus on high-speed Internet access. Typically, they want you to have some previous customer service experience and that you’re available to work weekends.

Support.com is often looking for tech support representatives who can assist their customers with any technical concerns or assist them with their services. Specific knowledge requirements depend on the position you are applying for. These tech support roles typically require you to have some technical knowledge to troubleshoot operating systems, home networks, business peripherals, and more. You also need specific computer hardware to qualify – but no landlines! Just a laptop, corded USB headsetAnd webcam. Pay starts at around $11 an hour and many of their jobs come with a benefits package – including PTO, medical coverage and a stock purchase plan.

Sutherland CloudSource is another customer service opportunity that outsources to other clients. They only assign you to one client, so you won’t be working with multiple different people, and they also offer flexible schedules depending on their clients’ needs. Sutherland also asks for exclusivity, meaning you cannot work for another work-at-home company while you are working as a Sutherland Cloudsource agent. Most positions are part-time, but they do occasionally have full-time positions available. Also, this is an employee position – you are not an independent contractor for this job. You can expect benefits and paid training.

If you prefer not to talk on the phone at all, Appen is growing incredibly and is regularly looking for highly-educated people to work from home. as a Appen As an independent agent, you will work as an independent contractor evaluating search engines. These evaluation gigs can include web searches, video evaluations, automation projects, and more. Generally, their agents require a deep familiarity with American pop culture and media. Equipment-wise, your home computer needs a high-speed Internet connection and access to a smartphone Only a live-in person can work in this position, so it’s not something that both you and a maid can do. You must also pass an aptitude test.

Taking a position with a social media agency is another great way to avoid the need for a landline; Check out a company like The Social Element, which periodically looks for moderators to join their ranks. Meetings (and job interviews) are done via Google Hangouts or Skype calls. There is also room for career development with The Social Element and they advertise progression paths for some of their employees – and they all started as freelance moderators. With Social Elements, you can spend your days engaging with your client’s followers on social media or ensuring community guidelines are being followed. Their moderators reportedly earn the equivalent of about $15 an hour online.

Next Wave Advocacy hires independent contractors to write and call at home jobs! Contractors are responsible for calling and interviewing supporters on political issues. Writers listen to and translate people’s stories about how an issue affects them. Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States and have access to high-speed Internet, a headset, and a printer. Every client campaign is different so projects can last weeks or months. As an independent contractor, you are free to choose your own projects that fit your own schedule.

ABC has a full-time job opportunity as a remote customer service representative. This job responsibilities include assisting with inbound and outbound calls and reviewing customer accounts. Employees will enjoy benefits such as paid vacation, 401k matching and paid training. Applicants must have a home office, a high school diploma and a minimum of one year of customer service experience.

There are many other non-phone jobs out there. If you want to avoid the customer service field, the possibilities are endless. You can focus your freelance search on the following:

  • Online proofreading jobs and writing jobs If you have excellent grammar and spelling skills you can perform administrative tasks.
  • Freelance Writer Jobs You love to research and share your knowledge
  • Micro tasking site Like Amazon mTurk if you want to pick up little no-brainer jobs here and there without necessarily paying the bills
  • Copy work This is a great field for those who love to type and have a great ear. You will still need that corded headset!
  • Social Media Manager – If you have an understanding of running social media accounts or experience with social media platforms and have a knack for creating content, this could be a great option for you!

This list should be enough to get your work at home search on the right track. As always, I wish you the best!

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