We examine several U-Haul work-from-home jobs to help you decide if these positions are right for you. In this post: We examine several U-Haul jobsWork from home jobs to help you decide if these positions are right for you.

Are you looking for work-at-home jobs in customer service? One of the first places you should consider applying is U-Haul. I like to recommend this company because their work is reliable, their compensation is decent, and there are almost always in-home positions available. This is a great way to break into customer service at home… and maybe even stay long-term!

Why work at U-Haul?

Well, as I said in the introduction, this is a solid company with decent compensation.

In short, U-Haul is a moving truck company that provides trucks, equipment and supplies to DIY movers across the US. Their trucks are ubiquitous on the road, their moving supplies are great, and despite the changes the company continues to innovate and grow, they have a pretty good reputation in a challenging industry, primarily in the economy. It’s been around since 1945 and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

As an employer, U-Haul promises flexible schedules, accelerated paid training, a professional environment, opportunities for advancement and benefits in addition to full-time for their part-time employees. The benefits package looks pretty good, with limited medical plans, dental plans, retirement plans, company discounts and even a credit union. If you work a full-time job, you’ll also be eligible for a full medical plan and vacation time. Not bad!

Work-from-home styles with U-Haul

There are several ways to work for U-Haul from home, and most of them involve customer service. Customer service is a great gateway to working from home, and it’s something anyone can do, whether you have a college degree or not.

Work-at-home jobs with U-Haul come under what they call the Contact Center Work from Home program, which is specifically designed to give people like you the opportunity to do meaningful work from their own home. Roles fall into one of these disciplines:

  • Sales and Storage
  • Customer service
  • roadside assistance

For example, when I last checked the job board, U-Haul was hiring agents for their Hitch Central, which helps customers with their questions and issues regarding U-Haul’s hitch products and services. No experience is required with Hitch, and new hires have three weeks of one-on-one training at the company’s headquarters in Phoenix.

There are also seasonal jobs available, which can be a great option for students looking for summer work or for those looking to earn some extra money around regular business hours.

Requirements for working remotely with U-Haul

Since these are filtered through their contact center, it is safe to assume that they are the work of the phone For this reason, you will need a reliable quiet environment to get your work done and a USB headset (wired, not wireless). You’ll need to be familiar with Windows-based computers and have broadband or high-speed Internet that plugs directly into the computer you’ll be using (and you’ll also need to provide a Windows-based computer). Computers and operating systems have certain technical specifications that you can use, so be sure to check each job description carefully to make sure your machine qualifies.

Each position description usually states that 6 months of customer service experience is required in the required department, but it often states that in the education section Prior customer service experience is preferred but not required. This is great news, especially if you want to join a home customer service job, because if you are able to present yourself well during the interview process, you can get a home customer service job at U-Haul with prior experience.

Is working at home with U-Haul right for you?

U-Haul prides itself on employing hard-working, progressive individuals who provide excellent customer service. Their work environment is fast-paced and focused on helping people, which many employees find rewarding. Some roles are sales-oriented, but they only involve inbound calls, which are often much easier to manage than cold-calls. (In fact, in the sales-oriented job description, the company even says the position doesn’t do cold calling.)

Many of their home positions involve part-time and moonlighting (meaning nights and weekends). These hours may not be ideal for you, but if you’re interested, don’t let the possibility of moonlighting stop you from appealing. You may be able to work during the day even if they aren’t advertised in the job description, and you may find that “moonlighting” hours aren’t bad either.

Doing customer service at home with U-Haul can be a great way to break into a work-at-home situation, and U-Haul is a great place to start because no prior experience is required, their positions tend to be part-time, and you You can set your own hours around your current job. Then, once you’ve reached a point of advancement, or you’ve landed a full-time job elsewhere, you can quit your regular job with confidence and security.

If you think you’re ready to take the leap and apply to work from home with U-Haul, you can start the application process hereStart the application process here. You will need to upload a cover letter and resume as well as be prepared to answer some questions about your skills and how you would handle certain customer service situations.

Have you ever wanted to take a work-at-home phone job doing customer service? I know what you think about me!

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