Blogging is a fun way of earning because it is very flexible and interesting. Whatever your interest, you can pursue it with a blog. Fashion and beauty might be two of the biggest blogging industries out there, and there’s a huge opportunity for fashion bloggers to make something great out of their blog-business. If you love keeping up with the latest fashion trends and have great communication skills, are detail-oriented and are a self-starter, a blog can be a great way to expand your skills into a side business.

That being said, starting a full-time income from a fashion or beauty blog can take quite a while. Even then, and especially when you’re building, money can fluctuate wildly from month to month and change wildly. You may need a steady-paying gig as an interim or backup. But what are your options and where can you get a freelance fashion job?

There is always the common freelancing route – you can write for other blogs, freelance graphic design, social media manager, virtual assistant or customer service. These can be great steps to building your own business and reputation, but they aren’t always stable and they don’t necessarily allow you to play fashion all day.

So what should a stylist do to make money from home? Here’s what I think:

Become a virtual stylist!

Being a virtual stylist is a great way to make money while you build your blog You can leverage your already keen fashion sense and product knowledge, get a better idea of ​​what “the market” is looking for, and get to know your ideal clients (and develop an idea of ​​what to avoid), money (and a flexible schedule). beside

A virtual stylist job has many feedback mechanisms built in, not only to develop your own sense of style (seeing what people like and don’t like and then seeing how you feel about that) but to develop your sense of other people’s styles. . As a stylist of any kind — or, yes, a fashion blogger — you need to be able to do something that meets people where it’s at they are Yes, where is not you Either you need to understand your client’s personal preferences and their sense of style. Not everyone will dress exactly like you and share your exact fashion sense, after all, which means you need to be able to tap into what other people like and don’t like and then find ways to improve.

how a [Virtual] Stylist

If you’re not looking for an online stylist job, you can offer your services as a personal clothing stylist — in person. For a set fee, you go into clients’ closets and walk out with custom-styled clothes. This is a great business opportunity in and of itself, especially if you can tap into the market of people who have some money for clothes but either don’t know what works for them or simply don’t have the time to pull their clothes situation together like they want.

If you want to go the virtual route, you’ve got some interesting opportunities. These are some of the best:

  • Direct selling clothing company. You probably have at least one friend who is knee-deep in direct sales. There are several different clothing companies that can offer direct selling, and it’s something you can start doing online and offline, mixing one or the other as much as you like. Online direct selling, when done right, can be very effective on Facebook, and there are quite a few salespeople who do it well. One of the best things about Facebook is that it’s free to join and never “closes” to talk. The important thing to remember about any direct selling opportunity is to find the right company for you and only join something you are truly interested in sharing. If you’re only in it for the money, it will show and you’ll have a hard time getting off the ground.
  • Direct selling of jewelry. Accessories where you really shine, you may be interested in direct sales jewelry companies. Many of these jewelry designs are just as stunning as what you’ll find in stores and custom boutiques, but much more affordable for the average household. Also, if you have an online shop, it can be easier to work some of your best pieces on your blog as a way to monetize the blog and support your commissions together. Stella and Dot is one of my favorites.
  • Sew Fix A fashion company that hires in-house stylists. Stitch Fix clients fill out a profile and request a “fix,” and your job as a Stitch Fix stylist is to send them a box of items that should work for them. The client chooses which items to keep and which to return, and you earn a commission based on what they keep. Includes other companies like Sew Fix Trunk Club. You can get part-time or even full-time work with these companies and others like them as a virtual stylist.
  • Similar to Stitch Fix rockbox, which deals in designer jewelry rather than clothing. If your “special something” is perfecting someone’s look with the right accessories, you can find work at Rockbox and other companies like it, including Your Bijoux Box, Hang SquadAnd Emma and Chloe. the amazon Also employs personal stylists for Prime Wardrobe.
  • Fashion job boards. These are some of the top fashion job boards:
  • Traditional job boards. I did a quick scan For “Online Fashion Stylist”. and had several interesting opportunities including an in-home virtual assistant for a head stylist at a men’s boutique in Manhattan, launching an online fashion site, personal styling services and an online personal shopper.

If your expertise is in the beauty field, makeovers, special occasion makeup, or other styling services, your home can be your workplace. Connect with photographers in the area to spread your name further. And to take this type of stylist job virtual, you might be interested in working for Atal Mary Kay, who now hires virtual stylists to help their clients find the right products and shades.

One more thought

My best advice is to brand yourself as a professional with something unique to offer. The above is not a comprehensive list and there are a million and one small things that need to be done when running a business. You never know what you’ll stumble across or what you’ll be given. Show your style. Frequent networks. Understand customer needs and expectations. And be prepared for whatever comes your way!

Have you ever worked as a virtual stylist? If fashion isn’t your #1 thing, would you ever hire a virtual stylist or pick up a subscription box?

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