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How to become an event planner from home

Your idea of ​​a great time planning the perfect party?  If so, then becoming an event planner could be an ideal work at home job for you!Your idea of ​​a great time planning the perfect party? Are your favorite memories full of friends and family in a great setting that you helped close? Do you spend your spare time scrolling Pinterest in search of the perfect cake, favors, tablescapes, invitations, stage layouts and more?

If so, then becoming an event planner could be an ideal work at home job for you!

What is the event plan?

Event planning is basically what it sounds like — you, the event planner, are in charge of helping the host or hostess pull off a spectacular event, whatever it may be. You find potential locations, coordinate logistics, bring decorations, plan meals, and more.

The events you do as an event planner (sometimes called an event coordinator) can be as small as a backyard birthday party and as large as a large conference attended by hundreds of people. A well-known event planning “niche” is working as a wedding coordinator.

Your primary role as an event coordinator is to relieve the event host of as much stress and planning burden as possible. Your clients will still need to make regular decisions, but you can go in with them, present them with options, and offer your professional opinion. You’re the one who gets called when there’s a problem, you’re the one who’s “in the field” on the day of the event making sure everything goes where it should, and you’re the one who has to do the last – minute troubleshooting and troubleshooting as problems come up.

If you want to get into event planning, there are certain skills you need to have (or develop quickly!) You must be organized. Planning an event involves keeping track of all kinds of notes and paperwork, from client questionnaires to receipts to purchase orders and contracts. You must be able to multitask, think on your feet and (when applicable) delegate.

As an event planner, your job can be really exciting, but also stressful at times. People who love to do it, even though they really love to do it. If you think event planning might be right for you, keep reading to learn how to start it from home!

3 event planning courses to start your business

If you’re ready to take the leap and try your hand at becoming a professional event planner, good for you! There are a few things you need to take care of when you set up shop.

I can lay out all the simple steps and systems you need to take to get your business up and running, but what you can do is learn from someone who has. completed Do what you want. Finding the right event planning course will give you the specific knowledge you need to get off to a strong start.

There are three great courses I would recommend you consider. When the time is right, try to take at least one of them if you are serious about starting your home event planning business.

Successful Event Planner Melanie Woodward’s Event Toolkit gives you everything you need to pull off a successful event. It’s all delivered digitally once you purchase it, so you can use it over and over again for every event you plan.

The Event Toolkit costs $97, and comes with the following:

  • An event planning checklist you can use for any event
  • An event budget that you can create for any event and use to avoid going over budget
  • The Event Planning System Melanie has used for years in her event planning business includes tools, resources, “insider secrets” and even a guide to getting sponsorships.
  • A list of about 40 places to market your event
  • A price guide so you understand how much to charge for your services

It’s a digital product that keeps paying the more you use it. With what you get, you’ll be able to pull off any event, from writing a proposal to wrapping “tear down” after the fact. This will help you pull off everything from a homecoming party to a large convention, and you can go into it knowing that all your bases will be covered with a variety of lists and processes.

It seems like a great way to “dip your toe in the water” and see if event planning is really for you. At around $100, it’s nowhere near free — but it’s a solid package that will teach you the basics and beyond. If you’re thinking about getting into event planning, be sure to pick up this toolkit so you can start strong and see how truly fulfilling your potential new career can be.

The QC Events School Offers online courses, which I highly recommend if you are thinking of starting an event planning business. I am a huge fan of online courses for their ease and convenience.

QC’s online event planning courses are high-quality training that takes you from start to finish — and you’ll see it reflected in the price tag. Their main courses center on general event planning and wedding planning ($748 each or $81/month installments). You can bundle the two courses together to get a full event planning course ($998 or $100/month).

They offer more specialized courses in topics such as destination weddings, event decorations, and managing your event business. It’s the only decent-looking online course I’ve found that deals with the business side of event planning ($748), so you’ll probably want to come back to it once you’re ready to commit to the event planning business.

One of the things you will really love about QC courses is the fact that they real Courses. You’ll have assignments to submit and you’ll be paired with what they call a tutor — a real person who understands the business and can give you guidance if you need it. You will also receive a certificate after you complete the course. This is a great option when you’re ready to commit and you want to start off really strong.

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers one Event Planning Course Online! When you’re ready to make a splash as the new event planner in town, this is the one to take.

When you enroll in the course, you will be paired with a mentor who will help answer your questions, guide you through your assignments, and contribute to your overall growth through the course. This course covers all the basics, from learning how to deal with vendors to networking to generating business to setting up deals — all while getting hands-on experience that teaches you how to pull off any and every type of event. is

Another thing I like about this course is that you get a certificate from NYIAD upon completion, which can be a strong endorsement to prove yourself as a budding event planner.

It is wrapped in a beautiful bow

When you decide to go into event planning, you should take the same steps for any “side gig” or freelance business. This means setting up separate bank accounts for all your business finances and going out, paying quarterly taxes and registering your new business with your state (even if you don’t incorporate).

All in all, I think event planning can be a lot of fun for the right person! Is this a career path you would ever consider?

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