Inside: Do you want to know how to make money gaming? It really is possible to earn some nice dough from your hobby, and we’ll tell you 7 ways to do it here!

One of the best parts of life is playing games, no matter what Board games on family night, video games after a long day of class or work, or role-playing games on the weekend.

If you like games why not rejoice And make some income at the same time?

How To Make Money Gaming: 7 Ways To Make Money Playing!

From making money with little money to starting a full-time career and making real money, here are seven ways to make money playing games.

Play online games through Points Club

This won’t make you rich at first, but when you’re learning how to make money gaming, it’s a great place to start.

Like the site Swagbucks And MyPoints They offer their members the opportunity to play online games in exchange for points and these points can be exchanged for gift cards or even PayPal payments!

This method of making money playing games often involves spending some money up front: you buy Game Tokens from (or any of your Point Club partner game sites) and earn a certain number of points in return.

But if you want to play these types of online games anyway – games like Super Planko, Deal or No Deal slots and Bejeweled 2 – this can be a good way to reward your enjoyment with gift cards or cash back. And Swagbucks There are even some free games on his site!

If you like this idea, you may also want to know How to make money watching videos Or from online music jobs.
How to make money gaming

Provide customer service for other gamers

I know: technically, this isn’t a way to make money playing video games. Still, it is is Getting paid for the skills you acquire while playing the game!

Companies eg Sutherland Global Services Sometimes Call for Gaming Consultants – A player support position for experienced gamers or gaming technical support.

Sutherland Global Services even provides some of the equipment you need; All you need to bring is your gaming experience and some other skills, like being great at social media and multitasking.

Often these terms are part time, but if you love gaming, they are well worth your time. These positions net approximately $9 per hour.

Become a playtester

If you have a critical mind and love to try new games, then knowing how to play money gaming by becoming a play-tester is a perfect match for you.

This is especially true if you really enjoy getting into the guts of a game and pushing it to the limit – basically, trying to break it. Game Tester should be your next title!

As a playtester, you are often provided with a video game in a prerelease state (with some testing guidelines), then asked to play the game extensively. You need to provide detailed reports on how the game responds.

Sometimes a game tester job requires you to be in a specific geographic location—for example, near a video game company’s headquarters—but many companies these days are also considering remote playtesters.

To find these positions as a video game tester, keep an eye on your preferences Video game industry Website – They will occasionally put out a call for playtesters, although they sometimes compensate with products instead of money.

Or keep tabs on game testing position openings at quality assurance organizations like VMC. You can sign up to be a video game tester PlaytestCloud.

Become a professional gamer

Being a professional gamer is a risky way to make money, but it can be worth it if you enjoy the thrill of competition!

Professional gamers have to be the best of the best. And if you want to be an eSports player, you need to try and build an eSports team full of the best of the best.

So where does making money by playing games come in? That comes from winning championships and landing investors or endorsements; as eSports As they get bigger, they attract more attention and more money, adding up to millions of dollars in prize money.

If you live in North America and are hoping to land on a professional gaming team, check out evil geniusAnd Cloud 9.

Become a gaming coach

When sports develop, an entire industry follows – and while there are many potential professional gamers, there are just as many teachers and coaches!

You can enter this developing industry by putting your gaming experience to work as a coach. If you already have a solid reputation as a pro gamer (or at least as a skilled public gamer), you can hire private students directly.

Or you can apply to such a site Gamer Sensei And they make up to $25 an hour as a teacher.

And if you are a really skilled professional gamer? You can coach an eSports team. Coaches of big teams can earn thousands of dollars per year and receive full benefits, according to the report.

Write for the game

If you are a talented and creative writer or artist, you may be able to write or produce live art for games.

While video game writing can be incredibly difficult to break into, being a content creator for tabletop games can be a very attainable gig. Freelance writer With lots of tabletop role playing game experience.

And for artists, this is even more true! For example, keep an eye on career or submission pages for gaming industry companies Fantasy flight game, Green Ronin Publishing And Onyx Path Publishing.

Become a YouTube star

So you love gaming – but are you funny and engaging too? Do people love listening to you talk about video games and laughing at (almost) all of your jokes?

Then you have the potential to turn it into money, my friend!

There is a lot of competition, but can be a truly recreational gamer YouTube Celebrities earn advertising revenue from videos of themselves talking and playing games.

You can do Let’s Place, where people watch you play video games while describing what you’re doing, or even just review games. If you become popular enough, you may receive complimentary merchandise from game companies who will hopefully get you talking about them!

Just understand that you need to hit 10,000 lifetime views on your YouTube channel before you start showing ads, and you’ll probably want to keep it family-friendly to ensure a large audience.

Final thoughts on how to make money gaming

Still ready to play for money?

That’s what I thought! I’ve given you the roadmap to work on and several gaming companies to approach.

Now you just have to get out there, communicate and follow up on opportunities as they arise. Be sure to let me know how you’re doing – I love hearing stories from my readers, as you all want to establish your work-home life!

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