How to Market a Kindle BookYou’ve finally finished writing and publishing your ebook and are looking forward to that passive income.

While ebooks themselves can go viral, why leave it to chance? Marketing a Kindle eBook doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. And it’s never too early or too late to promote!

Pre-launch list building – If you are a blogger, you already have a growing email list. If not, this is a great time to open one AWeber Start collecting accounts and those email addresses. It allows you to build anticipation, communicate your progress, and announce your ebook release to interested parties Although pre-orders may not be available, you can certainly pre-sell to your audience.

Giveaways – A big advantage of Kindle Direct Publishing is the giveaway. Amazon allows you to make your eBook available for free download for five days per 90-day period. This is a great opportunity to get a little free publicity and hopefully reviews when you first publish your ebook There are dozens of websites that advertise free Kindle eBooks.

Guest blogging – I don’t know that every ebook is suitable for a virtual book tour, but if your ebook solves a problem, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Submit actionable guest posts on blogs in that niche. And it’s not a limited time thing. Anytime you guest post on a related topic, link to your ebook in your author’s byline if allowed.

Sponsored Review – If you’re a blogger, you’re probably already familiar with sponsored opportunities Why not become a sponsor for once? If you already have an email list (or are building one during pre-launch) you can exchange a free copy of your eBook for review by another blogger. If you don’t currently have an email list or want to expand your reach beyond your own audience, sites like Business2Blogger offer a cost-effective option to connect with review bloggers.

Blog about it – It may seem silly but there are many people who are afraid to sell to their own audience. These people already trust you and like your content. There is absolutely no reason that they will not be interested in your ebook. Tell them about it!

Author page – Once you publish your first Kindle eBook, you’ll be able to set up an author page Amazon Author Central. This is a great opportunity to cross-promote any future e-books, you can include RSS feeds for your blog, link your social profiles and more. Take advantage of this free promotion and feel free to link back to it in your email signature, about me blog page and more.

social media – This is another great place to build buzz for your new book. If you are in business to make money, you should always be following and nurturing your leads. Connie Brentford is a Twitter master and has shared some tips with us here in the past. You can join him too Twitter for author mailing lists.

What tips would you share for marketing Kindle eBooks?

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