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How to save money effortlessly with Price.com

Price.com has already launched their tool on various devices.  In addition to shopping with confidence in your internet browser, you can take Price.com with you on your mobile device - they've released apps for both iOS and Android.This post is sponsored by The price is low.

Stop me if this sounds familiar – you’re shopping for an appliance, and you want to find the best item for you at a price you’re willing to pay. So you snap it up, take your shopping home and get busy living. Except you’re browsing online or you’re at a different store and you find the exact same device for significantly less than what you just paid. It just burns your biscuits, doesn’t it? And it has happened to all of us!

This happened to RJ Jain, so he went out and did something about it. he made The price is low. To save other buyers from experiencing this same frustration and disappointment, he’s encouraging us all to “value it before you buy it.”

Here’s how the price system works: You simply Add the Price.com extension In your Google Chrome web browser, register with Price.com via the extension (or sign in) and then shop with confidence. Price is watching your back, giving you a simple interface to overall price information – shop for what you want, then click the green price button next to the product name before purchasing. The pricing tool will pop up and show you a list of retailers that carry the item you’re considering, complete with the listed price. You click the link, and Price.com will take you to another site’s product page.

If you’re not quite ready to buy, or want to wait for a better price – hit the heart symbol next to the product in the Price.com extension. This will add the item to your wish list and you can go about your day. Price.com monitors the products you want and alerts you as soon as any price drops or coupons arrive!

Love shopping for deals? It will also show you any available coupons along with a selection of similar products (including used and refurbished items). The extension has a coupons tab (it’s the dotted square with a percent sign) that lists all the great coupons for the retailer you’re shopping at. It also has coupons for sites beyond shopping — rental cars, flower delivery, you name it! Today, I discovered that Bed Bath & Beyond is offering free shipping on coffee products, that Amazon is offering 25% off snacks, and that Target is offering a free $5 gift card with the purchase of select cleaning items. You can also check out Price.com Dill leaves See what’s trending every day.

To make shopping even better, Price.com is offering an incentive points program – and their points can be redeemed for cash back through PayPal or gift cards to retailers like Target, Sephora, Macy’s and more. To earn points, all you have to do is use the Price.com tool. That’s it. You get 1 point for the first product you price each day and they will soon add the ability to earn points for purchasing selected products by price. You can also score points by inviting your friends to use Price.com.

Price.com has already launched their tool on various devices. In addition to shopping with confidence in your internet browser, you can Take Price.com with you on your mobile device.

I’m happy to give the Price.com extension a try, and I’d love to hear from you if you use it! How much did it cost you before you bought?

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