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Investing in Gold vs. Stocks: Which is Better?

When it comes to investing, you have many options to choose from, each with their own pros and cons

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There are many reasons why investing should be part of your financial plan. savings Great for short-term goals, but they earn minimal interest. This makes them better for a build emergency fund and setting aside money for a specific goal, such as a new car or vacation. Investing allows you to put your money to work for the long term to build wealth, prepare for retirement, and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

When it comes to investing, you have many options to choose from stocks and bonds CD And housing. Below, we will compare the differences between two common investments, the gold and stocks, to help you decide what might be best for you.

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When gold is a good investment

As with any investment, Gold has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are three times when this is a particularly good option:

  • When you want to reduce risk: Gold has long been considered a safe investment. Unlike stocks, whose value can fluctuate wildly From day to day, the value of gold remains largely stable, making it a great way to store value in your portfolio. You may not see the big returns stocks can bring, but you won’t necessarily see big losses.
  • When you want to hedge against inflation: Gold retains its value more than other investment types A solid hedge against inflation. When interest rates are rising and the value of the dollar is falling, commodities like gold can be especially valuable.
  • When you want a stable investment in a shaky economy: Since its value is constant, gold helps you weather the storm Rising inflation And Banking uncertainty. This is especially valuable when the stock market is in turmoil. Six of the last eight largest stock market crashes in the past 40 years have seen gold prices rise. For example, during the October 2007 to March 2009 recession, the S&P 500 fell 56.8%, according to data from gold silver. Gold prices, in contrast, rose 25.5%.

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When stocks are a good investment

Stocks have their own plusses and minuses. Here are three times when they are especially worth considering:

  • When you want higher return potential: As stock prices fluctuate frequently, they carry higher risk but higher returns For this reason you shouldn’t put all your investment dollars in stocks, but as part of a balanced portfolio, they can help increase your balance over the long term.
  • When you plan to keep them for a long time: Although stock values ​​can swing wildly from day to day, the stock market has historically returned an average of 10%. It outperforms other asset classes, such as bonds. But to enjoy these returns, you should plan to hold your stock investments for years (if not decades). If you engage in day trading, you risk losing big money quickly.
  • When you want to receive dividends: You make money when the price of gold is higher when you sell your investment than when you buy it. But you usually don’t get anything out of it until you sell it. On the other hand, stocks can earn dividends, or regular profit-sharing payments to investors. This provides passive income You can reinvest to buy more stock shares or use the cash. If you want an investment that provides an income stream, stocks are probably the better choice. Note: You may be able to earn dividends from gold stocks or gold ETFs, but these are riskier than investing in physical gold like bars and coins.

Bottom line

A healthy portfolio consists of a mix of different asset classes to balance risk and reward. this diversity Protects your money from market fluctuations and other periods of economic uncertainty. Because they have different strengths and weaknesses, both gold and stocks have a place in your investment plan. Experts recommend keeping around 10% of your investment in gold and 100% of your age minus stocks. So, for example, if you are 40 years old, you should allocate 60% of your investment money towards stocks. By keeping your money in both of these asset classes, you can build a strong portfolio that will earn you money for years to come.

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