There are several ways you can buy gold and silver today, depending on the type of investment you want to make.

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This is always a good time to evaluate your investments and make sure they fit your goals and timeline. But inflation is high and a Recession loomingYou may want to consider making some adjustments today — or even explore new investment avenues.

A route that is Many consumers are considering Precious metals through current economy- silver And the gold, specifically. They are often considered smart hedges against inflation and can help protect your wealth while maintaining stability during times of economic turmoil. If you think it might be worth adding gold or silver to your portfolio, there are a few different ways you can do it. buy And start benefiting today.

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physical metal

If you want to buy physical Gold and silver For keeping in your home, safe or safety deposit box, there are many options you can explore.

“Purchasing physical silver or gold coins or bars is a very traditional way to invest and can be done through a reputable dealer or jeweler,” says Michael Ashley Shulman, founding partner of Running Point Capital Advisors.

You can also buy gold and silver through trusted precious metal exchanges, online marketplaces, Gold IRA Company, banks, and other financial institutions. Just remember that the cost of insuring your gold and storing it — if you choose to do so in a safety deposit box or depository — can eat into your long-term returns.

If you are investing in gold or silver jewelry, there may be more costs to consider.

“While owning jewelry may seem like a fun way to invest, it’s usually not a viable approach because it often has a high design and retail markup that can’t be recouped when you want to sell it,” Shulman says.

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Gold and Silver IRAs

Gold and silver IRA There are other techniques you can use Invest in physical gold. These are separate retirement accounts, which you can use to make certain IRS-approved purchases Gold and silver Bars, coins or bullion.

To invest through an IRA, you must go through a designated gold IRA custodian. These companies can help you set up your account and will purchase the metal on your behalf. Then, you must store your metals in a qualified depository for safekeeping (you cannot keep your investments at home with these accounts).

There are both traditional and Rath Silver and Gold IRAsSo you can purchase your metals using pre-tax or after-tax dollars, depending on your retirement strategy.

Gold and Silver ETFs

If you’re not set on owning physical metals, you can use an ETF — or exchange-traded fund — to get exposure to the asset class. Both silver and gold ETFs are available, which invest in a variety of gold- or silver-related assets.

“ETF shares can be bought and sold on exchanges and provide investors with easy access to precious metals without the need for physical storage,” said Derek Miser, investment advisor and CEO of Miser Wealth Partners.

Instead of buying in separate marketplaces, you can buy shares of gold and silver ETFs through a brokerage.

“They’re designed to trade like ordinary equities,” says Stephen Gardner, director of the ETF Managers Group. This liquidity gives investors the flexibility to buy and sell ETF shares throughout the trading day, he says.

Other options

Physical gold and silver or ETFs that follow their value, you can buy stocks personally Gold or silver Mining companies or potentially more risky future investments. They won’t give you access to physical gold or silver, but they allow you some exposure to this asset class – which can be a Smart move in times of inflation or a market downturn.

“One of the biggest advantages of investing in precious metals is their hedge against economic uncertainty,” says Miser. “Precious metals can act as a diversification tool within a portfolio and provide investors with a safe haven during times of inflation or market volatility. Because of their low correlation with other asset classes, precious metals can help reduce overall portfolio risk.”

If you are not sure Gold or silver investment Consider talking to a financial professional or investment broker if you need help determining what’s right for your finances – or the best way to do it. They can point you towards the right strategy for your goals. Get started today and explore your options with a free investment guide

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