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15 Online Jobs for College Students

It’s back-to-school season, which means classes for the fall semester will soon begin. When you’re moving into a new dorm or panicking about how much books will cost, you might be wondering how you can save some money for snacks, weekend trips, or even simple bills. Without distracting you from your studies, of course! Don’t look for part-time retail jobs or jobs waiting tables – instead, consider these 15 legit online jobs for college students.

For most of these, you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas.

1. Search and evaluate ads

Working with a company like Lionbridge is often cited as an incredibly flexible work-from-home opportunity that accommodates a college student’s flexible schedule. These gigs usually require you to be plugged into contemporary US pop culture and familiar with social media. Acting within the guidelines provided to you, you perform requested searches on search engines and then analyze the results (or the ads displayed with the results) for relevance to the search terms. This is something you can do in a few hours each day when you are given assignments.

Ready to learn more? here Everything you should know.

2. Blogging

College is a great time to learn about yourself while discovering new interests – and you can make some money blogging about the journey! Use your downtime to start a blog about your passion, but do it with a plan so you can monetize it from the start. Whether you’re learning how to manage your own finances or developing an interest in urban hiking, your hard-earned knowledge and impromptu adventures can attract an audience of your peers (and beyond). When you are writing for them, be sure to include advertising space on your blog and set up affiliate marketing.

Find all my tips on how to start a blog here.

3. Freelance writing

An inescapable truth about attending university is that you’re going to be writing more often and studying more. Why not take these skills and make them work for you too? Freelance writers are always in demand on the Internet, and you can find jobs ranging from creating corporate white papers to ghostwriting blog posts. If you can find writing assignments that relate to the classes you’re taking in a given semester, even better! Your research and writing for one can support the other.

If you want to become a freelance writer, read: “Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners: What You Need to Know

4. Craft

Stress is a frequent partner of every college student, and finding ways to reduce stress while dealing with classes and exams and dorm life is vital. What if you could find a creative outlet that helps you relax and earn income at the same time? Try to craft! You can make jewelry, make custom wreaths, knit fun hats, experiment with metal stamping, or even take up pottery (maybe your university has a kiln you can use). If you’re studying art in school, your craft may even be part of your studies. Once you’ve created something you’re ready to sell, consider selling it through Etsy, Amazon is handmade, or even outside your dorm. (Make sure no rules or local laws prohibit you from selling from your dorm room first, of course.)

5. Sale of textbooks

Textbooks are incredibly expensive, as every college student is painfully aware – sell your books at the beginning of each semester to take the sting out of your book bill when you finish them! It’s a smart play to recoup some of their costs this way, and it’s even better if you’re willing to accept other people’s discarded textbooks if they throw them in the trash. There are several places online you can buy used textbooks, but Bookscouter is one of the easiest and most popular – so start there first.

6. Microtasking

If you have enough time between classes that it doesn’t make sense to drive back to your dorm or drive home, you can still get some work done if you have an internet connection. Park yourself anywhere there’s Wi-Fi and do a few microtasks! These are small tasks such as identifying figures in a photo, transcribing a 2-minute audio, translating a short passage of text, etc. There are many microtask sites where you can find work, with Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) being the most prominent. Learn more about micro jobs this post.

Have you already started with Amazon MTurk? here 9 Ways to Increase Your Earnings.

7. Website Testing

User testing is another great gig that you can fit in whenever you have enough time between classes, studying, and partying. There are many companies developing websites and apps that need feedback from their target population on whether they are appealing and effective. After signing up with like User testing And provide your demographic information, wait until an opportunity pops up – then you’ll be given a website (or app to test) and asked for your thoughts. You can have your screen recorded as you say your thoughts out loud, or you can write a short review at the end. This gig is probably best done in a private setting – definitely not in your university library!

Discover other website testing opportunities this post.

8. Pay-paid-to

You know how you have to do those practical things that other adults do – buy groceries, get toiletries, pay for your own haircut? Make every dollar you spend work for you with get-paid-to programs like Ebates and Swagbucks. It’s not a chore, but can still put some extra cash in your pocket. You can supplement any cashback opportunity through these sites by taking additional actions, from taking surveys to watching videos to doing whatever web searches you do every day. Earn points from these programs and then turn those points into PayPal cash or gift cards.

9. Teaching English as a Second Language

Have you thought about becoming a teacher? Whether it’s your major or not, you can get a taste of teaching English as a second language with online English tutoring! Most ESL companies online require you to teach Chinese children, and many require you to have a bachelor’s degree – or be enrolled in college. You’ll usually be provided with all the materials you need to teach the class, and you can make your own schedule – and, since most students live in China, this will work well for night owls and early risers.

Interested? See my post cambli And SayABC.

10. Alorica at home

If you are more interested in a staffing job, consider applying for a position with Alorica at Home. They hire customer service representatives to take inbound calls for their clients. They also advertise the flexibility of their schedule, highlighting how it will work well for both students and retirees. These positions are great because they come with paid training and benefits – but you also need to have a quiet home office to work with a landline telephone. This may work best for students living at home or in their own apartment. Learn more about Alorica at home here.

11. Deliver

So, this is not an “online” job for college students, but it can be done on your own time and using only your smartphone. There are some great opportunities that allow you to make money doing everything from chauffeuring riders to delivering Amazon packages to picking up someone’s lunch. Check out sites like DoorDash and Instacart In some markets and with some companies, you may be able to deliver by scooter, bike or on foot. Check out these jobs like Uber for more ideas.

12. Research

Did you know that there are people out there who will pay to get to know you? It’s pretty cool. You are already learning new things every day and frequently taking time to research your college career. Immediately put those skills to work earning you money. There are a few different types of work in this area – you can do general research, answer specific questions, promote yourself as a subject matter expert, and more. Discover 11 great research jobs in my post hereor heads up surpriseWhich is very college student-friendly.

13. Play with pets

College is stressful enough without worrying about a job – so make your job a stress reliever! Offer your services as a pet or pet walker to locals, then enjoy the rewards of playing with furry friends who aren’t allowed in the dorms. It’s a great way to get off campus, get some daily exercise, and enjoy some fresh air. You can sign up like a site the rover or Wag To start your pet-friendly career.

14. Work in progress

Sometimes you want to get off campus for a while, and sometimes you need to – while you’re running errands, why not do someone else’s job? For a fee, of course. There are many people who don’t have the time or ability to do everyday tasks themselves, from picking up some groceries to doing their dry cleaning and more. You can sign up for such an app Gigwalk or taskrabbit And do these things for them. It looks like you can set your own rates for jobs on TaskRabbit; In Gigwalk, how much you make depends on the time required for the task.

15. Transcript

Transcription is a great downward choice for online work that allows you to indulge your introvert side and unplug from the world for a while. As long as you have a set of headphones, a quiet place to work, and stellar typing skills, you can transcribe. You need to type fast and accurately. Since you are usually paid how much you earn per minute of audio transcribed, the faster you transcribe, the more you earn. It’s a career that can grow with you, so you can specialize in medical or legal transcription and command higher rates.

Find 23 transcription jobs that welcome beginners here.

Ready to kick butt and make some money this semester? That’s what I thought. Study hard and prosper!

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