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How to Make Money Writing Reviews for Amazon

Is your front porch a fortress of brown boxes with arrows from A to Z?

Does your Prime Delivery driver or USPS driver know you on a first name basis?

Do you almost always have something waiting in your cart?

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, then you may be a perfect candidate as an Amazon product reviewer.

If you love shopping with Amazon, why not turn that love of shopping into free stuff or some cash? Earn money by becoming a product tester and writing reviews for items listed on Amazon and other retailers. It’s an easy way to share your thoughts, give some feedback on products you already know and love or hate, and help other shoppers.

There are a few ways to get this party started and we have all the details below.

Get with Prime

To get compensated for writing Amazon product reviews, you need to become an Amazon Prime member and download the app. You have the option to pay $139 per year or $14.99 per month. Discounted pricing is available for students and recipients of EBT, Medicaid, and other select government assistance programs.

Review previous purchases

If you haven’t already, start writing reviews on purchases you’ve already made Companies will want to know what to expect from you before considering requests for free products. And instead of buying items just to review them, why not review what you’ve already bought and love? Don’t want to waste.

Dive into that makeup drawer, if that’s your obsession, and review brands you know and love (or don’t love) or, if your primary content focuses on books or book reviews, use purchases you’ve already made or even Books you read through your local library to increase your content on book review websites

Do Amazon influencers get free stuff?

Yes, Amazon influencers can get free products, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Unless you already have a large social media following, it will take some time to get free products to review.

You want to make sure your writing is clear, honest, features product images, and conveys all important information. Remember, you are writing to attract more opportunities. You can also consider how many positive reviews you write versus negative reviews. If most of your product reviews are strongly negative, companies may not be interested in sending test products to your door. Be honest but don’t be overly negative.

Consider a blog

If you really want to get some exposure outside of Amazon, set yourself up on a platform like WordPress, Wix, or Weebly and start writing your own blog.

Once you’ve set up your blog/website, you’ll want to consider affiliate marketing. The Amazon affiliate program is called Amazon Associates and helps content creators and bloggers monetize their content.

Your site must be fulfilled by Amazon Participation requirements to approve. Once you’re up and running, you’ll want to write some detailed reviews and add an affiliate link for those products in your post. When someone clicks on the link – Cha-ching, you get a commission. And you can review any product that makes sense or works with your brand. This leads us to…

Using your influence

Do you have a following on the ‘gram? Maybe your Pinterest page is running wild with shares and pins? Use that effect to your advantage. Share your review (and your wish list) with your social media audience to drive more views and purchases.

Your blog posts now become your content and vice versa The more you promote your own posts, the more visibility you will gain. Make sure the products you review are on brand with the rest of your content. Your audience may be looking for specific types of products from you and your profile. Your Instagram, YouTube channel, Facebook, TikTok, etc. are all great places to share your helpful reviews.

Create your writing content with free products

A quick trip to the Google search box will take you to many websites claiming free products in exchange for an honest review After you’ve already spent time writing about your previous purchases, it’s time to use one of these sites to create your blog or catalog.

And before we dive too far into this, you’ll also want to consider using Ebbets Collect loyalty points to earn cash back on your purchases, free birthday rewards, more free products, etc.

Like the website Brandbacker And Home Taster Club Perfect for collecting free products to review. However, if you’re looking for more opportunities or if you just want some tips for writing better reviews, give it a go link A reading There are also many Facebook groups dedicated to these topics and can help you find companies open to customer reviews.

Know your audience

Some additional notes:

Most product reviewers don’t get paid cash to write about their honest opinions. Payments can be cash, but most are received in Amazon gift cards, store gift cards, free products, and discounts.

Amazon product influencers get the most attention when they’re well-written, humorous, and detailed. However, reviews that contain a lot of detail don’t always have to be full of glowing praise. Be honest in your writing and increase your reviewer ranking.

The last fake review is a no-no, and while it may seem like a shortcut to writing a rosy product review, you risk getting banned by Amazon and having your career as an Amazon reviewer cut short.

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