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Student Loan Refinancing – Passive Income MD

Splash Financial Student Loan Refinancing for DoctorsSplash finances! $500 Reader Bonus

Variable Rate: 1.74% – 7.49% APR
Fixed rates 2.29% – 7.84% APR

Splash Financial From the beginning focused on paying physicians at low rates. They offer tenures of 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25 years and no maximum loan amount. Fixed rates start at 3.48% APR making it one of the most competitive refi offers in the market. Learn more here.

Commonbonds offer flexible repayment terms.  But what sets them apart is their social mission.  For every loan they fund, they help fund the education of a needy child.

common bond: $500 Reader Bonuss

Variable Rate 1.98% – 7.14% APR Fixed Rate 2.49% – 7.04% APR Commonbonds offer flexible repayment terms. But what sets them apart is their social mission. For every loan they fund, they help fund the education of a needy child. Find out more… Disclaimer: i am$500 will be credited to your PayPal account within 6 weeks of loan funding. Lending decision is not affected by participating in this offer. Offer is non-transferable. No replacement. Limited to one offer per loan.

Education loan finance is a great option for those with federal and private loans.

ELFI: $325 Reader Bonus

Variable rates 2.48%-7.98% Fixed rates 3.99-6.99% Education loan finance is a great option for both federal and private loans. High income earners such as physicians have the option of choosing a shorter repayment period, however, there are also options for those who want to reduce their monthly plan. If you have any questions along the way, they also offer student loan advisors who can provide personalized assistance throughout the refinancing process. It is also worth noting that as of April 18, 2018, ELFI is the first student loan refinancing lender to receive AAA ratings from both Standard & Poor’s and DBRS on its senior notes in its first securitization transaction consisting of such education loan products. Find out more…

SoFi - Start saving on your medical school debt.the sofa: $300 Reader Bonus


  • 2.99% to 6.88% (including autopay)
  • 2.25% to 6.43% APR (excluding autopay).


  • 2.25% to 6.43% APR (including autopay).
  • 2.56% to 7.362% APR (excluding autopay)

SoFi is one of the few lenders that consolidates and refinances both federal and private loans. They have a program specifically for medical and dental residents with a monthly payment of only $100. Whether you want to lower your monthly payments or pay off your loan as quickly as possible, they have flexible terms and rates to suit your needs. Find out more…

Laurel Road - $300 cash bonus when you refinance your student loans.Laurel Road: $300 Reader Bonuss

Variable Rate 2.80% — 5.90% Fixed Rate 3.37% — 7.02% With Laurel Road, you’ll see your rate options instantly after filling out their short form – no hard credit pull required. Doctors have the option of refinancing student loans while they are in residency and before they begin practicing as an attending physician. Residents can defer full payment of their loan for up to 6 months after their residency and fellowship. Find out more…

Trustworthy - Save thousands on your medical student loan.

believable: $300 Reader Bonuss

Variable rates start at 2.57% Fixed rates start at 3.35%

Credible is unique in that when you apply through their simple form, you can actually compare refinance rates from 11 different lenders. They have great options for both doctors and residents, and with their easy-to-use online tools, you can get actual rates based on your credit profile instead of estimates. Find out more…

LendKey - Student loans are not fun.LendKey: $200 Reader Bonus

Variable Rate 1.91% – 5.25% Fixed Rate 2.95% – 7.63% What sets LendKey apart is their relationships with over 275 nonprofit lenders that they can bring to consumers with confidence, allowing you to choose the best loan option for you. They focus on working with community lenders who send most of their loans to the neighborhoods where their depositors live and work, helping to keep local communities vibrant and growing. Find out more…

Earnest - A remedy for high student loan rates.serious: $200 Reader Bonus

Variable rates 2.57% – 5.87% Fixed rates 3.25% – 6.32% With interest, you can customize your exact monthly payment to fit your budget. Additionally, they match your custom term with a custom interest rate — saving you even more money when refinancing. Find out more…

First Republic Bank - Start financing your dreams not your debt.First Republic: $200 Reader Bonus

Fixed Rates: 1.95% – 3.95% First Republic has some of the lowest fixed rates and if you pay off your loan in full within 4 years, they’ll even give you back the interest paid against your loan up to 2.00. % of principal loan balance. Unfortunately they are not available nationwide though, so make sure to check them out location See if you can take advantage. Find out more…

*To receive the First Republic PIMD Reader Bonus, send a direct referral by emailing contact@passiveincomemdcom.bigscoots-staging.com with “First Republic Referral” in the subject line or contacting Kerry Berchtold at 339-235-0419 or kberchtold @firstrepublic.com And inform him that you have been referred by PIMD.

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