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Work-at-home jobs for homeschool moms

Being a homeschool mom is a position that comes with a full schedule and daily challenges; On top of that, thinking about a work-at-home career can feel impossible. I can hear you! But then I remember that Walt Disney quote: “Doing the impossible is a kind of fun.” The truth is that there are plenty of work-at-home jobs that can fit bits and pieces around your busy homeschool schedule – some of them are fun, some of them involve your kids, and all of them bring some money into the household. Let’s check out 8 of those flexible work options!

1. Become a blogger

One of the most flexible options when it comes to a schedule, blogging should not be overlooked for the homeschool mom! Build your blog in a weekend and get started! You can write posts before class, during lunch, or after class ends for the day. You can answer emails or do social media maintenance while the kids study or go to bed. And whenever ideas come to mind, you can jot down notes of what you want to write next – using a tool like Evernote On your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the waiting room for an appointment, getting a car serviced, or waiting for the kids while they practice sports or music or other pursuits – access all your notes wherever you are. can do

You can even blog about homeschooling if you want your blog topics to be relevant to what you do, but don’t feel limited by your topic – especially if you want to explore a hobby or other passion and find yourself in homeschooling. Avoid burning.

Ready to jump into blogging? I have resources for that.

The truth is there are tons of work-at-home jobs that can fit in the bits and pieces left around your busy homeschool schedule—some of them are fun, some of them involve your kids, and all of them bring some money into the household. .  Let's check out 8 of those flexible work options!2. Create homeschool courses and resources

A great way to earn an income while working from home is to set up a passive income stream: products you create and put up for sale online, so sales can happen without your constant input. You can even make homeschooling your kids work for Educate your children while you create homeschool products such as courses and materials! Create workbooks, worksheets, study guides, even a curriculum of material for other homeschool families to cover – and then offer these materials for a fee through your website or a site like Teachers Pay Teachers. Even though you don’t have to spend much on production costs since you create all the content, you may want to contract with a freelance editor and use a service like Fiver To find someone who can create a great cover and/or do the layout. Then sell the materials as PDFs, ebooks, or even hard copies through print-on-demand (POD) services. lulu.

3. Create other things

If you’re crafty with your hands, starting a small business to sell what you make is also a great opportunity. You can work around your kids’ coursework and you can even involve them along the way, teaching them how to craft, encouraging their creativity and showing them how a business works first-hand. You can knit scarves, crochet dolls, make candles, make soap, craft jewelry, sculpture art, coloring book pages and more. The limit to your creativity is really your imagination, until you have the will and means to turn your creativity into something real!

Set aside a little time each day to create – which should be incorporated into our children’s daily lives, anyway – and see what you can sell. Etsy or similar sites. Take care of other business details such as listing your items for sale and sending packages to customers in the mornings, while running other errands, and in the evenings.

4. Sell directly

Stella & Dot (or Mary Kay, Avon, etc.) is an option that scales well with how busy you are at home – and it has the added bonus of getting you out of the house to socialize with other adults! You can spend a little time earning a respectable side income and turn it into a serious money making business after your kids graduate. From natural cleaning products to chocolates to unique jewelry – choose your favorite products and get started Schedule parties whenever you have time (you can host many online these days), and start working on your downline immediately. (This means hiring and mentoring others for your direct sales company.) With some opportunities, like Barefoot Books and Fundandoll, you may even be able to get your kids involved and teach them business skills.

5. Be a mentor

What subject or practice are you most experienced in? Are you a social media whiz, an incredible marketer, or an expert in child behavior? probably you really good Homeschool or have a deep understanding of SEO or start a company’s business development plan before tying your shoes in the morning. However, if you are an expert in a subject, you can probably sell your services as a consultant on that subject. If you’re a consultant and doing business consulting over the phone or online when your time feels like your pace, check out Udemy for some great courses on how to start consulting. (Just search for “Consultant”)

6. Do customer service

Customer service never sleeps, so there’s room for a customer service career even while you’re homeschooling your kids. Some companies require reps to work late (or early mornings) depending on whether you like to sleep late or wake up early. What you usually need for this position is a quiet home office, which we’re sure you have – every homeschooler needs a workspace where kids can work during lessons. You’ll need high-speed Internet access to do this, and some companies will also require you to have a landline.

Just make sure you’re pursuing a position with a company that can work with your schedule. Alorica at home And LiveOps may be a good choice, since they regularly work with college students, family-first individuals, and retirees — who typically have the schedule constraints imposed by the company. A homeschool mom definitely fits!

7. Be a working artist

Another excellent choice for homeschool moms pursuing a creative career! Whether you’re a visual artist (such as a painter, sculptor, or photographer) or like to work with words as a freelance writer, you can pursue your art in your downtime. If you’re already an expert agenda-maker between homeschool lesson schedules, extracurricular activities, and required tasks—finding slices of time each day to create should be well within the realm of possibility. (And remember what Walt Disney said about the impossible!) Use naptime or lunchtime to block out a sketch or scene, and then spend some time (or before everyone wakes up the next morning) to continue working on your latest piece. . . When you have something to sell, make sure you allocate some time to sell it or set up your next piece.

8. Become a social media manager

In today’s online business world, there is ton opportunity to become Social media manager! One of the great things about social media management is that you can block out a month’s schedule for your client at a time (and schedule it in advance using a service like Buffer or Tailwind), then spend specific hours throughout the week on social media maintenance and interaction. can – Fixed times that fit your homeschool life, of course. You can research elements for social media content here and there during the day, keep your notes organized in Evernote, then pull it together when you have an evening or morning to devote to your work. Use tools that analyze audience response to generate reports for clients and guide your future social media content, then spend an evening or morning here capturing viral moments or doing personal outreach. Just make sure you don’t take on more clients than you can handle!

These are just a few of the great part-time careers you can juggle while being a homeschool mom; All that is required is some creativity and clever use of your time. And really, Walt Disney was right – it was is Have fun doing the “impossible”!

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